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The ‘online for business’ area includes guides, tutorials and questions answered on internet services that small business owners have to deal with every day. From website addresses, hosting and business email. I also cover online software that will help in running a business.

Understanding SEO – enhance a website to do better on search

Understanding SEO – enhance a website to do better on search

Beginner level – how does SEO work? Every website owner needs to understand these simple factors that can harm or enhance a website’s search engine position. Kaydee Web likens a website to a physical building to simplify the explanation. If you’ve had trouble understanding ‘search engine optimisation’ this video is for you. Learn about positive …

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Small business email options

There are lots of options for small business email, choosing the right system can become quite daunting. This post walks through choices for professional email addresses, where they can be hosted and which email client might benefit you. Separate business and personal email addresses I strongly suggest having separate email addresses for business and private …

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Internet hoaxes uncovered

Internet hoaxes are usually false reports about a scam or virus. They exist mostly to scare monger and waste time. Internet hoaxes can emerge in different ways; by email, on Facebook, Twitter and even word of mouth. If you are suspicious of something, go to Google and search the action followed by ‘hoax’.  Ie. “Donate Money hoax”. Much of the …

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A guide to spam

What is SPAM? Spam is basically all unsolicited commercial email (UCE) and unsolicited bulk email (UBE) that the recipient does not ask to receive or want to receive. Spam is the Internet version of unsolicited telemarketing phone calls. They are trying to sell something, up their website hits or take your money. Spammers harvest email addresses …

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How to create email signatures in Microsoft Outlook

Create an email signature in Outlook 2003 Setting up your email signature in Outlook 2003: Open OUTLOOK Click on Tools then Options from the menu the top. Click the Mail Format tab. Click Signatures under the heading Signatures then click NEW Give your signature a name, for future reference.  I call mine “kaydeeweb”.  Then click Next. Type your new email signature in.   (You …

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