SEO website design

SEO website design is when a website is structured and programmed so that search engines understand it and crawl it easily.

The website is optimised for search engines - SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

A brand can communicate with search engines through accessible website design that considers all human needs.

For SEO, consider the audience

For people with visual impairments, colour blindness, cognitive impairments, or the inability to access a fast internet connection, imagine how difficult some websites are to fathom.

People often have temporary complaints such as a broken arm, dampened brain function, loss of connection due to travel, and distractions like managing children or juggling jobs.

A poorly coded website can be slow to load, insecure and difficult to navigate. It offers very little to the audience and is thoughtless.

Search engines love ethical websites

The search engines don't rank challenging, unpopular website highly. Search engines rank websites that look after the visitor collectively. Meaning all types of visitors, wherever they are; however they view the website.

Accessibility is something we love about search engine optimisation. Leave no one behind. A competitive website must be obtainable and inspiring.

No flashy graphics here

Websites we design are clean. We avoid too many graphics because our objective is to load the website quickly, providing the user with information. Fast.

The use of brand colours, fonts, imagery and whitespace is an excellent formula for a website that is well designed.

We use on-page SEO to help search engines grasp the content of the page, which in turn helps the human visitor.

Add the written word and some creative video, and you have yourself a fantastic SEO website that you can use to build an audience and grow a highly successful business.

SEO web design package

  • A mobile compatible, company website to brief.
  • Site programmed according to search engine quality guidelines.
  • Assist choices in design, layout and content.
  • Present staging sites, working towards the final outcome.
  • Optimise each page for search engines.
  • Test the final version across devices and platforms.
  • Setup Google Analytics.
  • Submit a sitemap.xml to Google Search Console.

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