Technical SEO services

Technical SEO services can improve the quality of your website from the perspective of a search engine like Google.

Several things can be done to help a website communicate better, giving the search engine an easier time to crawl pages, posts and media.

The addition of positive signals to the website, making it awesomely accessible and secure for human use, is highly rewarded by search engines.

Let’s welcome users and search engines into your website by making it simple for them to find their way around, and by helping them feel secure in their experience.

There’s a lot to technical SEO. It can be a long road, but it is worth it for a growing business to gain recognition online and build an audience.

MOZ Technical SEO Certificate of Completion for Kelly Drewett
MOZ Technical SEO Certificate of Completion
Kelly Drewett

Agency owners and web designers

We’d love to help you out on that project that isn’t ranking as highly as you’d like. Let's book a Zoom call. Drop Kelly an email; she'll send a link to book.

Agency owners and web designers may be interested in the following packages, where we ensure all technical SEO is in place on projects developed in HTML and WordPress.

SEO prices and packages


SEO guru in your team.

  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • SEO reports.

£150 - £1200

Per month

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Refine for search.

  • Fix harmful errors
  • Improve structure
  • Accessibility
  • SEO reports.


Per project

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Maximise nine articles.

  • Keyword research
  • Embellish
  • Optimise
  • Post.


Per project for a three-month period

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Equip your capable team.

  • Highlight harmful issues
  • Flag errors
  • Key phrases to target.
  • Pointers for in-house SEO.


Per project

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Knowledge is power.

  • Web and SEO consultancy
  • Insight on a web project
  • Draw on my experience
  • Understand the website.


60-minute Zoom call

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Discovery call

A 15-minute discussion to find out more about each other and how you can achieve your goals through SEO.

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Written content for SEO

A reference guide to help you write blog posts and web pages.

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Tasks within the SEO ASCEND package

Every website is different, with each challenge and requirement needing analysis. The most urgent tasks are undertaken first, which means often changing URLs and fixing crawl errors.

Here are two lists of things that can be taken care of when the website allows. One is of technical SEO tasks; the other of on-page and off-page tasks.

Sometimes, the programming or host of a website will prevent us from carrying out specific tasks. For example, modifying the robots.txt file on Squarespace hosting. We will advise you when something cannot be done.

Technical SEO

  • Search Console and Sitemap
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Fixing crawl errors
  • Robots.txt file
  • Meta robots tags
  • Custom error pages
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Renaming and redirecting pages
  • Canonicalisation
  • Structured data (microdata)
  • Semantic markup.

On-page and off-page

  • Keyword research
  • Smart keyword targeting
  • Meta-tags
  • Image optimisation
  • Internal links
  • Targeting, renaming and revamping blog posts
  • Content writing
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • Online profile consistency
  • Social media profiles
  • Video suggestions.

SEO results

Much like predicting the weather, you could come close to guessing how an SEO campaign might do, but never be entirely accurate.

Advancing in SEO depends on the competition and algorithms, and most notably on the dedication of the business. Once the technical SEO is well managed, website content must be produced regularly to keep on top.

What we can let you know is how successful we could be after looking at the competition and investigating some smart key phrase options.

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