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Active, ethical, effective websites

Provide an effortless experience for your audience and captivate the search engines.

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Kelly Drewett of Kaydee Web, SEO and website trainer and mentor


WordPress and HTML

Search engine communication.

Crawlability and indexability.
Structure and speed.
Sitemaps and robots.txt.
Schema markup.



Design and content

Delightfully engaging websites.

Technical SEO in place.
Structured for success.
Fast and functional.
Content to inspire.



Choose your focus

Talking tech in your language.

Grow your business online.
Support a local community.
Shape an audience.
Become an authority.
Expand an email list.



Learn SEO and websites

Apparent websites.

Join a community of creators.
Confidence and encouragement.
Knowledge in web and marketing.
Mindfulness for usability.
Business growth and impact.

Technical SEO

SEO feels like a complete mystery sometimes; I get that; I’ve been there.

It’s not dark art; there is a method: create an online space that is straightforward, safe, predictable and communicative.

Wouldn’t you do that for your customers, off-line?

Technical SEO starts with website design. It's the art of creating and improving helpful content on one domain to relate to users and search engines.

Web design and SEO are a perfect partnership.

Technical SEO

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I’m a teacher and mentor in search engines and SEO website design, and I’d love to be part of your journey.

A clear path to an influential website

SEO website design

A website with a solid structure, precise code, and true accessibility ranks higher on search engines. Excellent, easy to read content gains authority, eyeballs and income.

SEO website design is about usability; unattainable websites won’t grow a business.

Be stunningly obvious.

Technical SEO prevents search engines from wasting precious crawl budget and concentrates efforts on pages and posts that will rank.

Multiple signals help search engines, and it is crucial to get each correct.

SEO website design
SEO and website mentor and trainer

Free resources

I’ve produced dozens of brilliant blog posts, how-to guides and video tutorials to help you learn more about building websites, see what search engines are looking for, and discover how to get the very best out of WordPress.

I write new blog posts all the time, designed to help you get the very best out of your online presence.

About Kelly Drewett, Kaydee Web

Hello and bonjour, I'm Kelly Drewett. I take care of your technical search engine optimisation and SEO web design.

I’m British, I was born in Oxford, but I live in the beautiful French Alps all year round.

During my 30s I travelled almost continuously - in a beaten up Buick across Canada, the greyhound bus across America and a beautiful VW campervan around Europe. Then I settled in the mountains. At heart, I’ll always be a village girl from Oxfordshire.

My travelling helps me to understand different people and cultures, which I try to instil in my websites and my writing. We all see the world so differently, my mission is to make business messages clear.

I’m always attracted to people with mad personalities perhaps because I am totally nuts myself.

I like beer and cheese too much but I keep a healthy balance for body and mind through snowboarding, biking, hiking, yoga, boxercise and trail running.

Fortunately, I love trying new things; perfect for my work because the internet changes so rapidly. You just have to roll with it, there is always something to learn.

Take this journey online, with me.