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Latest online marketing tips

Organic search definition

Organic search is a term we use to refer to the natural results that appear on a search engine result page (SERP) as opposed to paid for adverts (Ads). Natural results are obtained by the website owner - by providing an informative web page, amongst many other...

Website maintenance – why is it so important?

Website maintenance is an underestimated responsibility for website owners. A well maintained website will benefit from major boosts on search engine page rank and will reduce bounce rate. Visitors simply don't stay on websites that are slow to load, difficult to read...

What is page rank?

Page rank is the position that a web page, blog post or article is listed on a search engine result page (a SERP) when a search query has been carried out. For example - a visitor types words into the Google search like "what is page rank?". Once the search button is...

What are WordPress blocks?

WordPress blocks are a new way to help website owners edit their WordPress page. They enable us to arrange the page into columns or add tables - neither of which was possible in the original WordPress editor. Take a look at my in depth post on the original editor -...

How to write for search engines and humans

The main aim of a search engine is to provide users with the most relevant, valuable result. So in that respect it is easy to write for search engines and humans alike. Search engines look for quality writing - where the author has really made an effort to supply a...

What is a search term?

A search term is entered into a search engine to conduct a search. It could be a string of words or in the form of a question. 'Web search query' is used to mean the same thing. On a computer, tablet or smart phone we input a search term on a search engine like...

What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

‘Landing page’ - it seems like a confusing web term and some of the explanations I’ve found on the internet are really quite complicated. In SEO terms, the meaning of 'landing page' is a page on a website that is ranked on a search engine result page (SERP)...

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I am Kelly Drewett - a freelance website designer, who builds custom websites. I've worked with small businesses since the year 2000. I actively help you to work towards higher search engine listings. My aspirations are for you to understand website design and SEO, to have an interest in your own website and to adopt habits for a more competitive online presence.