Kelly Drewett

I am a website designer who is passionate about the internet.

I've been building websites from scratch since 1999 and working with WordPress for 10 years so I truly know the mechanics of websites and search engines.

It became apparent that there are a huge amount of websites being created and updated in ways that are damaging to their search engine PageRank. I've seen extremely frustrated business owners struggling with search engine tactics.

Neither building a website or search engine optimisation are particularly difficult. There are just a lot of pieces to the puzzle. I teach you to put them all them together.

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Understanding SEO – enhance a website to do better on search

Understanding SEO – enhance a website to do better on search

Beginner level – how does SEO work? Every website owner needs to understand these simple factors that can harm or enhance a website’s search engine position. Kaydee Web likens a website to a physical building to simplify the explanation. If you’ve had trouble understanding ‘search engine optimisation’ this video is for you. Learn about positive …

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What is page rank?

Page rank is the position that a web page, blog post or article is listed on a search engine result page (a SERP) when a search query has been carried out. For example – a visitor types words into the Google search like “what is page rank?“. Once the search button is hit, a long …

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Small business email options

There are lots of options for small business email, choosing the right system can become quite daunting. This post walks through choices for professional email addresses, where they can be hosted and which email client might benefit you. Separate business and personal email addresses I strongly suggest having separate email addresses for business and private …

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Blog post ideas

Blog post ideas – the bane of the business owners life, who is convinced that no one will be interested in their subject, that they don’t have the capacity to write a helpful blog and that it has all been done before anyway! In this post I assist you to discover topics that you can …

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Websites and SEO

Website design and SEO

Understanding the relationship between website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you to recognise the ways in which they simultaneously help a website to appear on search results. Increasing page rank, gaining exposure and more traffic. It can also give you awareness as to how improper website design can affect performance. With basic …

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Why blog for business?

Why blog for business? The benefits are multiple and often businesses do not realise the importance. Using a blog, businesses write valuable content to teach an audience. A blog is a way of reaching out to people and converting them to clients. We call this inbound marketing. On the same domain, a blog will support a website. Using a blog …

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