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SEO basics

How to improve search engine ranking

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Search engine optimisation explained

What does SEO mean?

What does SEO mean?

SEO is the promotion of a website online. We work towards a better position on search engine pages for multiple terms with our industry.

What is SEO writing?

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is the creation of written content for web pages and blog posts, written in a way that helps a website to rank better on search engines.

SEO for beginners - a laptop with mountains in the background

SEO for beginners

SEO often sounds complicated, but it isn’t rocket science. It’s about building a relationship between website and search engine simply by following guidelines.

Glossary of Web Terms

Glossary of web terms

Here’s a glossary help with website terms and technical SEO jargon you will read about as you evolve your own business online.

What is a bot?

What is a bot?

A bot is a piece of software designed to complete a minor but repetitive task, either automatically or when commanded.

What is page rank?

Page rank is the position that a web page, blog post or article is listed on a search engine result page.

What is a search term?

A search term is entered into a search engine to conduct a search. It could be a string of words or in the form of a question.

What is a key phrase?

On web pages, the words we write that help customers find a website are known as keywords. So what is a key phrase? Keywords make up key phrases.

Website design and SEO, understand the relationship

Website design and SEO

When you understand the relationship between website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) you’ll recognise ways that design can be adjusted to aid search results.

What is bounce rate?

Bounce Rate refers to the number of times visitors have arrived at a page on your website and then left via that same page.




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