5 benefits of blogging for business

Small businesses can find blogging time consuming, but the benefits of blogging are clear and make blogging an extremely important part of online marketing.

What is a blog?

A blog consists of posts in categories or chronological order.

Posts are written by you, an employee, colleague or third party about the business and subjects relevant to the customer.

Posts on a business blog should be informative, give guidance and direction.

A blog can also be a diary or journal that someone with a large following might keep.

How to produce content for your business blog

1. A blog will drive traffic to your website

Just like a website search engines crawl posts and pages within a blog.

When a blog is informative, interesting and original, offering the user valuable information, Google ranks it highly.

A blog enables search engine rank for a wider range of terms that might not be covered within a business website.

Having great content encourages natural back links from third party websites, which is another positive when trying to rank well.

2. A blog can generate product sales or online leads

A buyer will be 60% decided on a purchase before they even get in touch with a company.

They make this decision by learning, the most part online. The new buyer is an informed buyer.

You are not reaching this audience if you do not have quality content.

A business blog informs and engages an audience, building trust in an online community.

Clients get to know the brand through posts.

3. A blog produces interesting content for your social networks

Without content to share social media cannot drive traffic back to your website.

Only when sharing your own engaging, educational posts can you pull people onto your site.

Showing you are informed in your industry encourages clicks, likes and re-shares, reaching out to a wider audience.

The possibility of genuine back links is increased when sharing great, quality content.

4. A blog is a fantastic customer support tool

When a clients asks me a question I answer it on my blog and send them a link.

That way I am offering good customer service, plus producing valuable content for my blog. Content my customer wants.

Offer online training courses, share ‘how to’ videos or info-graphs, all to keep your customer happy and up to date.

A current customer is so much more valuable than a new one, as they are likely to purchase with you again. You just need to keep them in the loop.

5. A blog can be hub on which you can share news

The majority of a business blog should be informative content, but it can also consist of news items and press releases.

Publish the latest accolade that you have been awarded, a new product launch, book release or white paper.

Why haven’t you got a blog for your business?

If you need help setting up a blog contact me.

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