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Founder Kelly Drewett, technical SEO and SEO website designer

Hello and salut! I'm Kelly, a technical SEO and SEO website designer at Kaydee Web; we combine the two to create active, ethical and effective websites.

Web design, content creation and brand awareness create a perfect blend to achieve a competitive search engine presence. After all, your website must benefit your brand.

Trained in the requirements of search engines, we design websites according to quality guidelines, improve the existing online presence of a business, or lead a client and/or website designer through the SEO website design process.

My comprehension of SEO comes across when we talk.

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About our founder, Kelly Drewett

It all started in the UK, but I now live in the French Alps after some travelling.

As one of the original digital nomads, I've spent a lot of time in Canada and travelled to the United States, Asia and Western Europe. My travelling background helps me to understand all sorts of cultures.

You can often find me near the mountains. I am the geek who snowboards, mountain bikes and hikes – none of which I do particularly well, but it makes Instagram more interesting!

When not on a mountain, I’m found camping, practising yoga, painting, reading, cooking, at a computer, eating world foods or socialising (especially if I find a traditional British pub). A newly acquired hobby is relearning to play the piano.

SEO website designer, Kelly Drewett
Kelly Drewett - Technical SEO and SEO website designer

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Kelly Drewett's background

I'm a village girl at heart.

I was born in Oxford in the UK, living in a beautiful village in the Cotswolds called Shipton-under-Wychwood. Everyone always comments on the name. Is it beautiful or spooky? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

It was here that I started freelancing in web design. In 2000, I started my company called Kaydee Web Design. Now, the business is known as Kaydee Web.

Fast forward a few decades, and my love for village life led to my current home on a mountain in the Alps, where I live in a village beneath a ski resort with my husband, Ben. With frequent visits to friends and family in Oxfordshire, I’m often in the area.

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Start of a career in web design

Back in the days when the internet first became accessible, I was 16. Due to bad decisions and an independent teenage attitude, I dropped out of school after three months of sixth form (12th grade).

I fully intended to return to education the following year, but I found a digital illustration job and liked the money.

At 17, I heard of a couple who had started a small web design firm in the village where I lived. My mum had never heard of a website at the time, but it was on my radar.

They offered to train me in web design in return for work and a little pay. With a significant interest in computers and design, I snapped up the offer. I loved it, and in no time, I took the position of lead web designer!

Unfortunately, the little pay continued for too long.

With support from my first client, I started my own website design company just before my 20th birthday.

My mum lent me her computer to work from until I saved enough money to buy my own.

The beginning

I had ups and downs and made mistakes. I learned a lot about small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I successfully worked in the Oxfordshire area for 12 years and set up an office in the centre of Witney.

Around the time that WiFi became readily available anywhere and everywhere, there also came a period of my life when I had no ties.

I realised I could travel as I worked, so that's what I did.

Travelling and working

Firstly, I visited my sister in Canada. I then travelled a large portion of North America in a Buick named Hank.

I lived in Canada and continued to travel around the US, working day to day on my computer in motels.

When Hank finally packed in (sad face), I used buses and couch-surfed. I sought places in British Columbia each winter to do ski seasons.

Life in a campervan

After exhausting my visitor’s visa, it was time to return home to Oxford…but not for long!

Lynn, a New Zealand friend I met in Canada, joined me for a summer campervan trip through western Europe.

We travelled for five months in Ellis, my high-top VW van. Naming vehicles seems to be a ritual!

We had a fantastic summer visiting different countries, during which I discovered an interest in other cultures.

Travelling whilst working in Europe

The following winter I drove to Les Arcs in the French Alps to find a place to spend the winter. For snow, of course.

There, I met my husband, Ben, who is coincidentally also a web developer. We could both manage our jobs remotely, which meant we could travel.

The first summer, we got to know France, Italy and Croatia, using Ellis the campervan as a home and office, always returning to the French Alps.

After a period of rest and recovery, we hit southeast Asia. We travelled with backpacks – our home offices literally strapped to us.

That winter we settled near the mountains in Hakuba Goryu, Japan.

We rented a maisonette, from which we could snowboard and ski. The extra bedroom was used as an office.

Life in France

Travelling whilst working is wonderful, though it takes dedication. So, for now, no more long trips. Ben and I believe we have a pretty good work-life balance here in the French Alps.

We have created an office space where we can concentrate on our individual businesses, train online, and generally geek out!

This is where I spend much of my time studying websites, search engine optimisation and content writing.

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