WordPress website tutorials

Written WordPress website tutorials and video website tutorials from Kelly of Kaydee Web – an expert WordPress developer.

These simple WordPress website tutorials will help you to build, update and maintain a WordPress website or blog.

They are for beginners in WordPress through to intermediate users.

I’ve made them simple to follow and split them into categories to enable you to further your abilities in WordPress.

If you have a question that has been left unanswered, or you would like a specific tutorial, please do email me.

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WordPress Website Login Help

WordPress website login help

The requirements for WordPress website login, the default username, the default WordPress login URL and how to find it, plus the lost password link. Also more advanced information on WordPress install folder, how to find that via FTP and adding an administrator via the database. Requirements for WordPress login The WordPress login URL(aka web address, link or …

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Images on blog posts or web pages

Images are an important part of search engine optimisation and social media, therefore as part of your ongoing online marketing strategy. If you do the hard work writing a post then utilise the power of images. Images increase search engine traffic When you search for terms like “strawberry cheese cake” on Google, thumbnail images of strawberry cheese cakes appear next …

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Edit using Fusion Builder in the Avada WordPress theme

UPDATE November 2016: ThemeFusion have updated Avada to Version 5.0. This update separates the Fusion builder to an individual plugin, instead of being incorporated with the plugin Fusion Core. Fusion Builder has been completely redesigned, and is very different from earlier versions. When you are asked to do upgrade Avada BACKUP your entire site, including the early Fusion Core …

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How to add images to WordPress posts or pages

It is important to include photographs on your site for search engine optimisation and your audience. You should routinely add images to WordPress pages or posts. First I cover where to source images and how to resize, compress and save them properly for search engines. I then help you add them to WordPress as a single image or in a gallery. …

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How to create headers and paragraphs in WordPress

As the website designer I set headers and paragraphs on your website using different fonts, spacing and colours, using a style sheet. Following that style, how do you create headers and paragraphs in WordPress? You as the client already agreed to the layout. Every time you add a new header or paragraph, and tag it properly, the style will follow …

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