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WordPress website tutorials for beginner to intermediate users, from Kelly of Kaydee Web – an expert WordPress developer.

These easy WordPress website tutorials will help you to build, update and maintain a WordPress website or blog.

Further your abilities in WordPress.

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Edit a page and post name in WordPress - covered Title, H1 tag, Heading 1, Permalink, URL and Slug

Edit a page name in WordPress

To edit a page name in WordPress you’ll need to have the WordPress username and password. You’ll need to be an Editor or an Administrator.

WordPress image SEO for higher search position

WordPress image SEO

The way an image is sized, saved and added to WordPress makes a difference to search results. Here I help you with WordPress image SEO.

Why resize images for the web?

Why resize images for the web?

Websites with fast loading images have more chance of ranking well on search engines. Understand why we resize images for the web.

How to add a link in WordPress

Create a text link in WordPress to an external website, an email address or to an existing internal page. Step by step WordPress tutorial.

WordPress.org or WordPress.com

WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Originally created for blogs, but now widely used for websites WordPress is a platform that enables non-web developers to publish online.

Edit pages in WordPress, how to here

How to edit pages in WordPress

To edit pages in WordPress you do not need to be terribly technical – if you have experience with a text editor you will find it simple.