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Organic search engine optimisation services

Organic search engine optimisation services for website owners, designers, and agencies.

I’m Kelly Drewett, skilled in technical search engine optimisation and a professional in SEO website design with over 20 years of web experience. The rank of your HTML, PHP or WordPress website will be vastly improved through careful planning and implementation of the best SEO practices.

My background in website design recognises how sensitive a website can be and that a website you’ve built is dear to you. We're thoughtful in our activities.

SEO is an exciting journey for a website owner. Let’s grow the businesses through organic search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation process


Website analytics tools such as MOZ Pro affirms current keyword positions and popular pages, visualises keyword opportunities, tracks competitors, and unearths damaging crawl errors. Armed with this information, we highlight areas in which a business can boost search engine rank.

Fix crawl errors

Reduce errors that prevent the website from ranking - these exist as ugly URLs, missing tags, slow load times, redirect loops and dud links. Unmaintained websites don’t rank well, and it’s best to fix errors before any of the other stages. We can even make sure the host isn’t holding the website back.

Improve user-experience

With your web designer, we improve the website, ensuring it’s user-friendly and therefore search engine friendly. We advise on design changes to maximise the website’s rank. We’ll look at speed, colour combinations, font sizes and navigation hierarchy.

Perform technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures the website is crawled properly by search engine spiders (bots). We use two files, the sitemap.xml and the robots.txt, to inform bots which pages are most important to index. Google Bot will crawl a percentage of a website, so we remind it which pages are most relevant.

Build content

The next stage is to research key phrases that the website could rank for, then enhance and add content such as articles, graphics, and videos. We can oversee in-house content production from an SEO angle. The business develops an authoritative online voice, demonstrating their expertise to an audience.

Expand and grow

Everything is in place so the website starts to become recognised online. We use off-page SEO in which we build backlinks, encourage guest posts, increase traffic and make the website an online authority. We can advise on keyword targeting in social media biographies and social posts.

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Empower your website with search engine optimisation

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the art of continuously refining a website so that search engines crawl it, index it, and rank it.

Often, we build websites without the thought of search engine rank.

A website can be improved by using focused key phrases and manipulating pages correctly.

Once your website is optimised, it should be analysed, and the content expanded and improved. A continuous cycle to stay on top.

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO, or off-site SEO, refers to techniques carried out to improve page rank, outside of the website itself.

The off-page approach is as important as the on-page approach.

Methods include building backlinks encouraging online reviews and social shares—a network of entities vouching for a company.

These are signals to Google that the company is trustworthy, transparent and worth ranking.

Off-page SEO