Responsive web design (RWD) is design which provides an audience with the easiest reading and navigational experience on any device or computer screen.

When a website is responsive there is no need to resize a page or pan across to see more information.

More people view websites on tablets (ie. iPads) and smart phones today then ever before. The use of a 4G connection on devices means we can look at websites “on the go”.

Your website should respond to the screen size of the user. This is possible in 2 ways:

If your site is very complicated you may want to consider having a separate website that sits on a sub-domain, like This second website would be a cut down version of your full website, so that people can find the information they need.

If your website is fairly small and simple in design then it is possible to have one site and I can tweak a few areas to respond to the small devices.

When you have a site designed, it must be responsive or adaptive.

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