Online marketing

Online marketing presents a huge range of possibilities for encouraging and influencing customers using a business website, a blog and e-newsletters. Along with a social media campaign.

Businesses cannot launch a website online and expect it to thrive by itself. A website needs help, and we do that using online marketing.

Online marketing can mean a huge number of things. Here I cover online marketing using a website and blog and explain search engine optimization tactics to support those elements.

There are three areas I cover within online marketing.

Business websites

Small businesses need help to develop, maintain, market and improve their business websites, so that they survive online.

Help with websites

Search engines and SEO

Learn about search engines, small business SEO and the best ways to optimise a website for search engines, improve search engine ranking and encourage traffic.

Learn SEO

Business Blogging

Quality, structured blog posts written around searchable key terms build trust with your ever learning audience and increase traffic to a website.

Help with blogging