Online marketing

Online marketing presents a huge range of possibilities for encouraging and influencing customers using a business website, a blog and e-newsletters. Along with a social media campaign.

Businesses cannot launch a website online and expect it to thrive by itself. A website needs help, and we do that using online marketing.

Online marketing can mean a huge number of things. Here I cover online marketing using a website and blog and explain search engine optimization tactics to support those elements.

There are three areas I cover within online marketing.

Blog post ideas

Blog post ideas – the bane of the business owners life, who is convinced that no one will be interested in their subject, that they don’t have the capacity to write a helpful blog and that it has all been done before anyway! In this post I assist you to discover topics that you can …

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Websites and SEO

Website design and SEO

Understanding the relationship between website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you to recognise the ways in which they simultaneously help a website to appear on search results. Increasing page rank, gaining exposure and more traffic. It can also give you awareness as to how improper website design can affect performance. With basic …

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Why blog for business?

Why blog for business? The benefits are multiple and often businesses do not realise the importance. Using a blog, businesses write valuable content to teach an audience. A blog is a way of reaching out to people and converting them to clients. We call this inbound marketing. On the same domain, a blog will support a website. Using a blog …

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Small business blog tips

To survive on the internet a small business owner must provide content to their audience, often through a small business blog. The more quality content, using researched key terms, the better a blog will do on search engines. We are starting to see lots of dedication to business blogs, but what works and what doesn’t? …

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Targeted online marketing

Targeted online marketing prevents a business wasting resources. You can gain traction when you know your fans. Analysis of online advertising efforts helps you to produce more content that is more appealing to your audience. Not everyone needs (or wants) your product or service.You could have a million followers, but if not one of them is a ‘quality lead’ nothing that you share has much value. Find …

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Set realistic goals for a social media strategy

Most businesses realise that they should be networking on social media and start out with best intentions. Then let it fall to the wayside when they get too busy or don’t get instant results. What businesses must remember is that social media marketing is a long game. Why use social media in your online marketing plan By using social media …

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Images on blog posts or web pages

Images are an important part of search engine optimisation and social media, therefore as part of your ongoing online marketing strategy. If you do the hard work writing a post then utilise the power of images. Images increase search engine traffic When you search for terms like “strawberry cheese cake” on Google, thumbnail images of strawberry cheese cakes appear next …

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How to add images to WordPress posts or pages

It is important to include photographs on your site for search engine optimisation and your audience. You should routinely add images to WordPress pages or posts. First I cover where to source images and how to resize, compress and save them properly for search engines. I then help you add them to WordPress as a single image or in a gallery. …

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Why do I receive blank versions of the form on my website?

Blank form submissions and spam form submissions (those that are full of gobbledegook) are the result of bots (automated programs) submitting your forms. These bots come across the page that enables your form to send and submits blank forms or forms full of rubbish. The bots that send gobbledegook are blindly trying every form they can in order …

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5 benefits of blogging for business

Small businesses can find blogging time consuming, but the benefits of blogging are clear and make blogging an extremely important part of online marketing. What is a blog? A blog consists of posts in categories or chronological order. Posts are written by you, an employee, colleague or third party about the business and subjects relevant to the customer. Posts on a business blog …

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How do I create an e-newsletter for my small business?

Firstly I would like to warn against sending advertising email messages to non-clients or to unsuspecting persons/businesses. If they are not a client or have not signed up to your list the newsletter can be considered as SPAM, for which you can be penalised. Consult the CAN-SPAM compliance guide. Getting started with e-newsletters There are a few …

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The value of professional profile photos

Good presentation across your website and social media networks is essential. One of the most important aspects of any profile is the immediate visual: your photograph. On social media some companies use a logo. A logo can be acceptable for recognised brands (McDonalds, Nike), but a photograph is much more approachable. Photographs generate so much more engagement. The photograph should be a good …

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