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Web consultant

Planning a website is a complicated task when the aim is to build an audience and sell.

A website must be structured well, built for ease and accessibility to rank on search engines and encourage traffic. It must be easy to navigate, orderly, understandable, fast and secure.

The hub of a business' marketing efforts is the website; it hosts visitors and provides a welcoming, inspiring atmosphere. The first goal is to create an effortless experience that visitors love.

Then, the intention is that the website’s content appears consistently before the eyes of potential leads each time they search the web within a theme. The brand will become known as an authority.

We work with owner-run businesses and small marketing teams in the travel, hospitality, sport and well-being industries. And, of course, we work with creatives and techs.

Let’s set the project on the right path, avoiding the multiple pitfalls of planning or restructuring a website. We can continue to be actively involved in the project as it grows to achieve goals.

Our focus in the build process will be on visitors and search engines; the two coincide.

Kelly's web design and SEO experience

With more than twenty-five years of experience in website programming and design, Kelly Drewett will lead you expertly through the web design planning process and its challenges.

She has focused on search engine optimisation during the last fifteen years. The small business clients we've worked for have accomplished impressive search engine rank.

For over twenty-five years Kelly has been in the website design industry, she started website design at 17, after a fantastic illustration job in Oxford, UK.

Yep, Kelly left school early after dipping out of A-levels and jumping, feet first, into the world of business.

Kelly was fascinated by the web - which in 1997 was just realised as a major marketing tool.

Two months before her 20th birthday, Kelly launched her business, Kaydee Web Design.

Now she lives in France, after years of travelling-whilst-working and winter seasons snowboarding.

Kelly is curious, she loves to learn, and adores the unpredictability of the internet.

Let's start with a free 15-minute discovery call with Kelly.

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