Search by geocode on Twitter

Searching users and Tweets by location can be really useful for a location based business. It is fairly easy to search by location, outlined in this blog post, but how do you more accurately search by Geocode on Twitter, quickly and easily?

This may seem confusing at first, but once you’ve nailed it it’s simple.

Search by Geocode on Twitter

Go to to find the Geocode of a certain position. Type your office address, or an address in the area you want to search.

Click calculate Geodata.

Click the copy x,y button.

You will now need to paste your Geocode in the Twitter search box (at the top of Twitter), like this.


Type geocode:, then paste your Geocode from You can search within a parameter of that Geocode by adding:


You can use miles by replace the km with mi.

So you will end up with something like this (no spaces):


Make sure there are NO spaces!

Now click enter, or use the search button on Twitter.

A really easy way of seeing what’s going on in an area. Try it!

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