How do I add a link to my Facebook page?

Using Facebook as a business page means that you cannot actively request someone as a friend. They have to actively like your page.

Linking your personal profile to your Facebook business page lets Facebook friends easily check out your business page. Promotion in itself.

Click here to find out why you should be using Facebook as a business.

How to link your personal profile to your business page

  • Log in to your personal Facebook profile.
  • Click your name; either at the top or on the left hand side.
  • Click the ABOUT tab, which is somewhere near your profile photo.
  • Once on the ABOUT page look under the title, there is a menu.
  • Click Work and Education.
  • Now click +Add a Workplace on the right hand side.
  • Start to type in the name of your Facebook page (you’ve already got that set up right?).
  • Click the page you want when it comes up in the list. Fill in the details.
  • Before you click save make sure you have the visibility set to PUBLIC. That way even people who are not your ‘friend’ on Facebook can click the link to your business page.
  • It helps when someone wants to check out your business but only knows your name through a friend.
  • Now click SAVE.

Why link a Facebook profile and a Facebook page?

You are your business, and your business is you. Linking your personal profile to your business page means that people can click straight through to your company page. It gives your page more visibility.

I’ve had clients voice concerns that their personal antics will inherently hurt their business. What you will find is that transparency helps your business. People buy from people they know and trust, even if something has gone wrong. Being honest about it can actually connect you.

When someone likes you and connects with you as a Facebook friend, they may also be interested in your business.

They check out your profile, click to your business page… Voila! A new like.

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