A sudden decrease in Facebook page likes?

Facebook strives to manage page likes and will monitor users, checking for authentic identity. In the last year Facebook improved their system of doing this, meaning that many businesses noticed a sudden drop in Facebook page likes.

False accounts and deactivated accounts are frequently removed from Facebook. That could mean a sudden decrease in Facebook page likes.

False fans from Facebook buying farms

If you have used a ‘buying farm’ Facebook will endeavor to remove the fake likes. Facebook forbids gaining likes in this way. They are false likes, from people that are not one bit interested in your business or your page and will never come back to it.

Even if you never have used a buying farm it’s likely you will still get ‘false likes’. These are possibly from employees of buying farms. Even though they are not getting paid for your particular like. To keep their Facebook accounts it’s essential that these user-profiles have ‘normal’ activity, so they like random pages. That way Facebook doesn’t flag them and delete their account.

Check your Facebook page likes (settings > people and other pages). Visit the profiles of the fans that you don’t know or those that are hardly interacting with you.

  • Where are they based?
  • What are they posting on their wall?
  • How many OTHER pages do they like?
  • Is this person really interested in my business?

If they like hundreds of random, unrelated pages they are probably a buying-farm employee.

Users that are not directly your Facebook friend can block you from viewing the pages that they like, so you can’t always see.

Make the judgement for yourself. If they are from an obscure country, taking too many selfies or like too many weird and wonderful pages remove them from your page likes.

Be careful not to take off the genuine fans, but, then again, if they are not interacting with you are they worth having?

A small community of strong fans who interact, are much more valuable to your businesses than lots of unsolicited Facebook fans to boost numbers.

Now go an LIKE my Facebook page 😉

Restricted Facebook pages

Pages that are required to restrict their audience to ‘adults only’ may also loose Facebook likes when Facebook removes fans that are under age.

If you noticed a sudden decrease in Facebook page likes it may mean that Facebook removed comprised, under-age or inactive accounts from your page likes.

Maybe you should be monitoring your Facebook fans yourself?

A sudden decrease in Facebook page likes

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