How to add an administrator to a Facebook business page

As your business evolves, the roles on the Facebook business page change. You may need to add or change an administrator to a Facebook business page.

Only current admins of a Facebook page can delegate roles – they can set limited or unlimited capabilities.

There are five different page roles for Facebook business pages:

  • Admin
    An admin can manage all aspects of the page, including sending messages and posting as the page, creating adverts, seeing which admin created a post or comment, viewing insights and assigning page roles.
  • Editor
    editor can edit the page, send messages and post as the page, create adverts, see which admin created a post or comment, and view insights.
  • Moderator
    A moderator can respond to and delete comments on the page, send messages as the page, see which admin created a post or comment, create adverts and view insights.
  • Advertiser
    An advertiser can see which admin created a post or comment, create adverts and view insights.
  • Analyst
    An analyst can see which admin created a post or comment and view insights.

Fans of the page cannot to see who is in which role.

Adding roles on a Facebook page

Adding an additional person as an admin to a Facebook business page is an easy task.

Once you have added the new administrator be aware. The new admin can change or delete roles. This is one way to completely change the administrator of a page.

An ‘Editor’ or anyone with lesser capabilities can’t delete the admins.

Things to know before adding an administrator:

  • Only an admin of a page can assign roles to Facebook users that LIKE the page.
  • Usually, they are added via their Facebook username so it is useful to know what the person’s profile picture is.
  • Sometimes the user will not appear in the ‘add list’ – try entering their login email address instead.
  • The new role must be accepted through an invitation (seen below). Facebook will notify the user of their new post via a notification.

The invitee needs to click the Accept button to accept the page role.

Adding a person as a Facebook administrator, desktop

The instructions here will help you to add an admin using a desktop computer. Scroll further to use the Facebook Pages Manager app on a mobile.

First, log into Facebook, then go to the Facebook page.

Add an administrator to a Facebook page - via the SETTINGS

An admin of the page will see a ‘Tools’ menu on the left hand side of the page. The Page settings link is at the bottom of the menu.

Edit page roles - click Page roles within the settings.

Then click Page Roles on the left hand side.

Add an admin by typing their email address or Facebook username into the box labelled ‘Assign a new Page role’.

Facebook now allows you to assign a role to anyone with a Facebook account. They just have to accept the invitation, of course.

Choose a role from the menu to the right of the name field, then click Add.

You’ll be asked to enter a Facebook password to confirm the changes.

How to change admin on a Facebook page

To switch the admin on the Facebook page from one person to another the current admin needs to add an admin.

The new admin must accept the invitation to the role via a Facebook notification.

The new admin should then go to the Page settings (as above) and delete the obsolete admin.

Scroll to ‘Existing page roles‘. Assigned roles are listed here.

To remove a person from an existing role, click the Edit button that corresponds to their name. Hit Remove, then Confirm.

In the case that there is only one admin, you’ll not be able to delete them.

The current admin needs to add another admin first. There must always be at least one admin of a Facebook page.

Any of the other roles can be deleted freely.

Add a person as a Facebook administrator via mobile app

Facebook’s mobile app is now much better for managing Facebook pages and you can manage Facebook page roles easily within the app.

You might find that your version of the app is slightly different from how I explain things but I’ve got two ways for you to try.

Find a Facebook page on the mobile app – method 1

Log in to Facebook on the phone app.

The new Facebook has a FLAG icon at the top of the screen. This is the symbol for PAGES. Tap that.

Tap the page avatar (profile photo) you’d like to edit. Scroll the page icons left to right to see all pages.

Method 1 to find Facebook pages

Method 1 is my preferred method – although I know some people haven’t got the FLAG icon at the top of their Facebook app. If you want it there then press and hold any icon in that top bar (except the house and the bell), then click manage shortcut settings.

An alternative way to find your Facebook pages:

Find a Facebook page on the mobile app – method 2

  1. Log in to Facebook on the phone app.
  2. Notice the 3 vertical lines representing a menu at the top right. Tap that.
  3. You might see an avatar (profile photo) for a frequently visited page at the top – tap that to go to it. If not, scroll down.
  4. Look for a box with an orange FLAG icon labelled Pages.
  5. Tap the page avatar you’d like to edit. Scroll the page icons left to right to see all pages.
Method 2 to find Facebook pages

Now add an administrator

  1. Notice the cog at the top right of the page and tap that.
  2. Now tap Page roles.
  3. Tap Add Person to Page, at the top.
  4. You’ll be asked to re-enter your personal Facebook password.
  5. Type the name or email address of a Facebook user.
  6. Select them from the list. It’s useful to have an idea of what is on their profile photo.
  7. Once selected, you’ll see their profile photo and you can select which role you’d like them to take on. The selected role is highlighted with a blue tick.
  8. Tap Save at the bottom of the screen.

Add an administrator via mobile in pictures

I’ve added the steps in photos that will help to assign a person to a role via the Facebook mobile app.

Tap Edit Page Roles.
Tap Add Person to Page.
Type the name or email address.

Tap a role, then click Add.

This post should help you to add a Facebook admin or another role to a page using both desktop and mobile devices. If you found it useful, let me know.

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81 thoughts on “How to add an administrator to a Facebook business page”

  1. Hi Kelly, If I assign someone as Editor, will my FB and IG account be at risk? They are creating some filters for me and they say they need me to make them Editor temporarily in order for them to upload the filter to my FB account. I’m just wondering if this is safe.

    1. Hi Anna, your personal profile would be fine. Your business page and linked IG account could be editable by them. My advice is not to give access to someone you don’t trust just because they asked. However, if you are hiring or employing someone there are many ways you’ll need to trust them and this is one of those situations. I’ve never heard of someone needing to upload filters but I do not know your situation – perhaps they are setting up filters for an ad campaign? Let me know, Anna – I could investigate further for you.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I am really hoping you may be able to help me. So 2 years ago my boss sold the salon and the new owner kept the facebook page. we could not change ownership of the page but managed to get the new owner and myself as admins and removed the old owner.
    Now we want to set up a shop on facebook but the old owner is showing up as business admin in facebook business and due to this we cant transfer the the business admin to the new owner. so im wondering if we add the old owner as temporary page admin again (we are still in contact with her) can she change business admin to the new owner? or is there a way of deleting her as a business admin?

    Thanks Niamh

    1. Niamh, sorry this reply is a little late. What I would do is set up the new administrator, so yes, you’d have two admins. Then the second admin will be able to delete the original admin. I hope you get this solved!

  3. Great blog post – really informative! I am having problems with my business page getting restricted for no reason. Is it because i recently gave an employee based in another country my credentials to log into my business page to post? I didn’t realize there were easy ways to add admin roles, so now see that may have been an error. Please help!

    1. Hi Karen. Firstly I would change your Facebook password and not give it out again. You have a lot of sensitive information in there.

      Facebook will restrict posts if they think they are against rules. They’ll also restrict personal profiles if you aren’t using an honest name or if you are putting out a lot of SPAMMY posts on other groups/pages.

      They may have thought your profile was hacked if it is being logged in to from different countries. So lots of reasons you could be restricted.

      The correct way to get someone to help is to add them as an ADMIN or EDITOR on your page, as you now know. And never let someone use your personal profile on your behalf.

  4. I’m trying to add an admin to my Facebook page they are not getting the invite to accept but it says pending on my end what do I do

    1. Hi Carrie, Facebook now does the invite via notifications on their personal page. Have they checked their notifications? Best, Kelly

  5. Hi,

    Found this when searching for a problem I can’t seem to resolve.

    Over the past couple of days I seem to have automatically been demoted on my own facebook pages from Admin to Moderator.

    I have always been the only person on these pages but now I cannot post nor add photo albums nor can I change anything.

    There is literally no admin on my page. I have tried numerous avenues to contact facebook but always come up against a brick wall.

    I have worked hard for over a year to create a small following for my photography and now that has all ground to a halt and I am quite upset.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Mark, I have heard of this a few times now, and at the moment I am afraid I do not have a solution for you. It is quite worrying that Facebook has let that happen. My advice is to contact Facebook. I know they are not very quick at responding. In the meantime, I will keep an eye out for anything that can resolve this and come back to you. Best, Kelly

  6. Hello Kelly,

    Thank you very much for all your help regarding FB. I have a question for weeks now, hoping you can help. I am Admin of a Facebook and Instagram accounts, but our FB Shop has disappeared and now it asks for permissions in FB Business, which it never did. The problem is, i am new at the company and i ( and nobody here ) knows how to access FB Business Manager. How can i solve this one?

    Thank you, Bruno

  7. Good Morning Kelly,
    I am an Admin of our charity page and recently added someone as Editor, but it states they’re still pending. This was yesterday, is there something else I need to do?
    Many thanks for your help, Dianne

    1. Hi Dianne, the person whom you have added needs to accept the invitation. Have they done that now? Best wishes, Kelly

  8. Hi. My sister and I run a business page. For some reason my sister has been removed as admin and I am on as editor. How can I get myself or my sister back on as an admin

  9. Hi Kelly, I am admin of my company’s FB page but I need to become an admin of the business if you log in to FB business
    ( One of my colleagues is an admin for the actual business and he tried adding me onto it but said he needed to be admin for the FB page. I tried adding him but it comes up with a warning triangle saying he has a page role already. What do we do? I need access to the company business but we seem to be stuck! I would really appreciate any advice or insight you may have.

    1. Hi Claire, hmmm. A tricky one without being able to log in to the page. As a test you could try adding me and then I could have a look. Email me on [email protected] if you want to go this far. I’ve done it many times, you can trust me 🙂

  10. Antonio Marchionno

    Hello Kelly,

    there is a Facebook page for which I am Admin together with another person. By the other Admin profile, the page can turn the reviews on/off via adding the relevant tab and enabling/disabling the tick, but I cannot do the same from my profile when accessing the same page.

    It’s kinda tricky and I am seeking for an advise.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi Antonio, first thing I would ask here is are you using the same browser (Internet Explorer/Chrome/FireFox)? Is it that one of you is on a desktop, one of you is on a phone? The Facebook APP might not allow the reviews to be toggled. Let me know! Kelly

  11. Hi Kelly!
    I am taking over social media at my company from another employee. Said employee set up our business account. Is there a way to remove the employee from the account, if they are the owner? I guess what I’m looking for is how to transfer ownership from one admin to another.

    1. Hi Trish, yes. Make yourself an ADMINISTRATOR (go to page settings, then page roles). Once you have accepted and confirmed delete the ex employee from the page. Regards, Kelly

      1. Hi Kelly,
        I have done the same thing with my fb business pg. I took over like this from someone else. I removed him from any role in my page, but any time I can a change, the notification says x.y has made a change to my page. And the bigger problem is, the messages doesnt show up in my messenger. Rather they show up, i should change the account, but when i try to make the account change, it says my session expired log in again. But it doesnt ask for any kind of password. I would appreciate if you could help, because we have searched the whole web, and i cant seem to find a solution for this.

  12. hello kelly
    I have a page on facebook called robins cree-creations and it says the admin. is my page name not an actual person. I accidentally deleted myself as editor now i have no access at all to my page settings is there anyway to fix this or do i have to build a new page ? I have tried contacting fb to help fix this but i have had no luck at all.

    1. Hi Robin! Try to log in to Facebook as your page. Ie. The username will be the email address of the page. You may need Facebook to send you a new password. Let me know if that works. Regards, Kelly

  13. Hi Kelly,

    I have just made a business account and am trying to add a friend of mine on facebook to become the other “Admin” of the group however, when I type in her name and click “add” it is coming up with a red triangle ( warning) and the following information. “sorry something went wrong, we are looking into it”. Can you please help me with this. Is there any way that I can get around this?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Sorry for the late reply Erin. Have you managed to solve this? It sounds like Facebook was having a hiccup!

  14. Hello,
    I am an editor of facebook page and I want to become the admin. The admin of the page has lost his account and is not currently an admin, so basically our page has no admin. The problem is that we are loosing viewers because we need an active editor (i was just a backup for the period when the admin was in vacation) and to ad another editor I have to be first an admin. So how can I convert from editor to admin? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cristian, as an editor you cannot make yourself an admin of the page. It must be the admin who does it for you, so that person must log in to Facebook and do that. If the personal account no longer exists, try logging in as the business. Facebook will send you a password if you have the associated email address.

      Regards, Kelly

  15. Hi!

    Please, tell me what am I doing wrong in my case.

    I was added to a business page as an EDITOR by an admin who didn’t create the page. The person who created the page isn’t an admin anymore, but the present admin can’t change my role from editor to an administrator. Why?
    The reason I need to be an admin, not just an editor, is that I need to create an Instagram profile for my business and I have to be an administrator for that

    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there Nelly, what I would do is ask the admin to delete you from the page, and then re-add you as an administrator. Just to shake Facebook into line. Regards, Kelly

  16. Thanks Kelly for all of your comments and assistance to those countless FB newbies like myself whose children are too busy to spend any time with their oldies to help them with FB tech ‘stuff’.
    Your answers are straight to the point and instructions clear…to the guy who ticked you off about your use of ‘OF’ instead of ‘HAVE’, diplomatic reply by you was ideal!

    1. Thank you Michael for taking the time to post a lovely comment! I try to improve my writing all the time, one I day I will be perfect of course 😉

  17. We are using Business Manager and want to allow our Marketing personnel (Account Managers) to LIKE/FOLLOW other businesses we work with.
    At what Level do they need to be assigned to ? Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst?

    Truly I do not want them having access to the whole account (like an ADMIN), with the ability to change permissions, setting or even posting – ONLY would like them to be able to LIKE/FOLLOW and possibly message.
    I did read someplace that ONLY Admins can LIKE/FOLLOW, is that the case? Do you have further insight? Much appreciated!

    1. Hi Nicky

      Go for moderator. You can see the abilities for that role here:

      Although it does not say they can ‘like’ posts, I have tested it and they can. Do be aware that business can NOT go and like comments on personal profiles (this would get very spammy). They can only like comments on other Facebook pages.


  18. Hi Kelly,
    I am hoping you can help me. I have my personal facebook page and under that page I have a new business page. My friend wants me to be the admin of his business page but I want the admin to be my business page. Not my personal page. Is there a way to do this?

    1. Hi Joe

      You have a personal profile and then a business page.

      Many personal profiles can be admins or editors of business pages.

      Admins can post, like and comment as the page. To always post as your page (as oppose to your personal profile) your friend will nee to go to the page and hit SETTINGS, top right. They’ll only see this if they are already an admin. Once here you will see a list to the left hand side. Click POST ATTRIBUTION. Then choose to post as the page, rather than yourself.

      Hope that helps Joe! Kelly

  19. Hi Kelly,

    We are in a bit of a tricky situation with our business Facebook page at the moment.

    No one who currently works here were listed as an administrator (the colleague who was is no longer available). Myself and my manager were listed as potentially just editors however this did not actually show anywhere to let us know, we were just able to login with our work email addresses and edit the page.

    I was able to link my personal Facebook as the new administrator of the page however this is not ideal and really I would need my work email address as the administrator, however when I type my work email to add as an administrator it does not recognize it. I then tried to create a new account using my work email address in case it had been deleted and it is stating that this is a Grey account?

    Can you please advise? Very annoying!

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Shannen, sorry I am a bit late replying to this one.

      Your personal Facebook profile and the business one are separate. You could run lots of different pages with your personal profile, so it really does not matter what email address you are using on your personal profile.

      I understand you might want to keep them separate for administrator reasons. What you could do is add your business email to the Facebook Business Page. Or a general email address that you have access to.

      I am not sure what a GREY ACCOUNT is? Is that greyed out?

      Thanks for your question,

      Regards, Kelly

  20. Hello. I created a business page from my personal page and now want to add someone else as an admin for the business page. If I do so, are they able to access my personal profile page and personal messenger in addition to the business page and messenger or just the business page? I haven’t added an admin before and don’t want them to have access to my personal account and messages. Thank you.

    1. Hi Alisa,

      That is no problem. Business Pages and Personal Pages are totally separate. A person linked to your Business Page, as a admin will not be able to access, or see messages on your Personal Page. You are not giving them access to your Personal Page, just your Business Page.

      They WILL see messages to the Business Page.


  21. Hi Kelly,
    Who ultimately owns a business page that was created from someone’s personal profile? The business owner never had the person who created it from their profile sign rights over to the company.

  22. They definitely do not need your personal log in details Rachael. If added correctly as an admin they will be notified on their own Facebook. They will have access to the page and it’s settings, as you would.


  23. Kelly, I have a client who wants me to be an admin for his Facebook page, I have exhausted all options on the internet on how to do this. It seems like Facebook changes so quickly that there is no updated way to do this. Why when I am on my facebook page I don’t see a tab for settings? Can you please help me out? Do they have invite me? Do they have to set up the facebook as a business site? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Oh sorry Tom, I seem to have missed this comment before.

      There could be two reasons you do not see the settings button.

      Either you have not set the page up as a business.

      Or you are not an admin. The owner of the page has to add you as an administrator/editor before you will see the SETTINGS button. For them to do that, just ask them to follow my instructions.

      Does that help? Kelly

  24. Yes, absolutely. Logged in as yourself, go to your Facebook page SETTINGS, then PAGE ROLES, as per the second section at the top of this post. Once there scroll down a little to see the administrator that you do not want to keep. Click EDIT next to their name. Now click the text that says REMOVE, bottom left. You will need to confirm the deletion with your Facebook password. Kelly

  25. Hello, Kelly! I was added as an admin to a page before I “liked” it. Now, the person who added me has removed themselves. Is there a way I can still gain access? I’ve since “liked” the page but don’t have a “You’ve been invited to admin” message.

    1. Hi Curtis! When you go to the page on a desktop does it say SETTINGS at the top of the page? You must be logged in to Facebook.

  26. “People that are not on your personal network can be added by name, but they must of liked the page”

    It’s “must HAVE liked the page”. Nobody will take you seriously when you use “of” in stead of “have” . It smacks of illiteracy…

      1. Ha ha, hi Mandy thanks for your comment! Bringing attention to corrections are a good thing really. Although people could be kinder 😉

        You also must remember that frequently people comment on a blog posts to get their own names out there on the web. So it not always a personal thing. Have a lovely day.

  27. Ana-Maria Cirstea

    Hello, Kelly!

    I created a Page for our business a while ago without assigning it a personal Facebook page. I’ve been trying to add my personal profile (and other personal profiles) as admin so it’s easier to manage. However, the ‘Add’ button is grayed out. I’ve tried with both the name and email address, making everything on my profile public, unliking and liking the page again, tried from the mobile app- nothing seems to work! I would really appreciate it if you could help me figure it out.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ana-Maria, oh this is an odd one! I am going to do some testing for you and come back to you as I cannot recreate your problem at the moment! Bear with me 🙂

  28. I want my Facebook business page to join a related Facebook group, how to I do this? I don’t want my personal profile joining the group.

  29. Hi there. I manage our company’s facebook page and am set as Admin in the settings. We accidently deleted our email address (as content creator) as Admin on the page and now when I am trying to add the email address back in as Admin it cannot find the business page so therefore I cannot add the email address. This means that we are unable to log in directly as the company profile (using the content creator email address) and have to post under my personal name rather than the companys email address. Please can you help! Many thanks

      1. Hi Kelly

        We accidentially deleted the main email address connected with our company profile on facebook. We have 2 admins who can also post on the company page but unfortunately when we try and log in using the company email address and password our page doesnt come up as its not recognised it as a page, it comes up with facebook business, but doesnt show our page? (I hope this makes sense?) So therefore the only way to log in, is as one of the admins own personal facebook account so they can post on the company page.



        1. Hi Charlotte, right I think what has happened is that Facebook no longer lets companies have a business page without it being linked to a personal profile. There was a little spell when you could do it, and maybe you created your page then. So you would now always have to login to a personal profile, then go to the page to post. Like I say, hover over your avatar to change when you want to post as personal profile or business. If anyone else wants to be admin unfortunately they would have to open a Facebook account themselves, then be added as an admin. K

  30. Thank you. Hoping you can help. Business FB requires the Admin to link/have a personal FB page in order to have a business FB Page. I added an Editor to our Business FB Page but doesn’t that give them access to my Personsl FB Page?? How do I unlink her to that yet keep her as an Editor. I hope this makes sense. Thank you

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for your question.

      Editors or administrators of a business page that you own cannot see your personal side of Facebook. An editor can edit the page, send messages and post as the page, create adverts, see which admin created a post or comment, and view insights.

      That is all on your business page, not your personal profile. They will not be able to see messages in your Facebook messenger, or post as you.

      Hope that helps 🙂 Kelly

  31. Hi Kelly, this is really very good and helpful article. Well I have a page on FB since almost 6+ years, i have created page without personal profile (facebook use to allow creating pages only in those days without personal profile), now when i am logged in my account nothing is loading and at the same time i am not able to post or reply to any comment on my page.

    I tried creating a new personal profile of mine and then like my own page, now i am trying to add myself (personal profile) as page admin but my name is not coming in the admin list when i am typing my name or email id :(, I am really worried as my page is having nearly 40k likes and i am purely running it for religious / non money making purpose.

    Awaiting your guidance.

    1. Hi Amit, have you tried adding yourself as an administrator by typing in the email address you used on your personal profile? That should do it! K

  32. Hi Kelly – I am having a problem in a FB Group that I am part of. The administrator says she no longer has access, and the group has gone off the rails. There are 13,000 people on it and lots of hate talk, offensive posts and threats to group members. I have repeatedly reported these to FB to no avail. I have also tried helping the person who is the administrator, but she has thrown her hands up. I have no idea what else to do – the group either needs to be deleted or a new administrator needs to be added. DO you have ideas?

    1. Hi Jodi, oh no, that sounds awful. OK so when you say the administrator no longer has access what do you mean? She has no access to her own Facebook? Did she get hacked? Sometimes Facebook can be unresponsive, it is a shame.

  33. My page has been in place for years. I did see a message that I needed to add an admin and I have tried to do that but it doesn’t work. It seems that I am only an editor. How can that be since I am the creator and only user for my page? How can I correct this?

    1. Hi Michaeal, have you changed your personal profile at all? Ie. deleted an old one then created a new one? If not, then maybe this is a Facebook glitch. I can actually see that other people have had a similar problem.

      What I would do is contact Facebook direct to find out if they can re-add you as the administrator. Click here to visit the Facebook Help Centre.

  34. This is a great article. Thanks.

    I’m a person that wants to help the owner of a Facebook page keep her page up to date and fresh with content and want to be an admin. But I don’t want to see or have anything to do with her personal page. By making me an admin, will I have my own new credentials, will I just log on my normal way or will I have to go through her credentials? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Rich, by becoming an admin of her Facebook page you will have no access to her personal profile. You would log in to Facebook with your own username and password, then administer her page. You can be admin to many many pages, but only ever see your own personal profile.

  35. I am a business owner but not the admin on our page and need to change the admin without that person knowing til it is done. The relationship has deteriorated. How can I do this?

    1. Only ADMINS of a page can change Facebook page roles. Each ADMIN would be notified by email when you make a change. What you could do is be prepared to add the new ADMIN, then delete the ADMIN you talk of within 2 minutes. Then it is done before they receive the changes by email. Hope that helps.

  36. Really useful post. Maybe finally I’ll make my business page available for all my employees. Now I know which position I should give everyone. Thanks

    1. So glad you found it useful Patrycja. Giving trusted employees roles on your page is a really good idea, as they can bring a bright injection to the page with new ideas. They can also then tag their connections, or each other meaning their friends then get involved. My other post might help you there.

      Employees can also post live photos as they are seeing clients or fun things from around the office, whilst you might not be there. I will extend the post to include these ideas.

        1. Hi Mitty, so there is now no administrator on the page at all? Can you log in to Facebook using the email address and the password used when you set the account up? Even when the personal profile is deleted you should still be able to get in as a business.

          If that doesn’t work, I would contact Facebook directly using this link They should help you to add someone back on as an admin.

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