How to avoid spam on Twitter

There is so much noise on Twitter, it often feels like there is no quality.

I assure you that the quality is still there. You just have to know how to avoid SPAM on Twitter.

Every day I get 5 or so new followers. I do not follow everyone back.

I take some time to look at each profile. Once you know what you are looking for it can take between 2-10 seconds. 2 seconds if they are really bad!

I quickly scroll through their profile page to check:

  • Their profile bio
  • How many followers they have
  • How many people they follow
  • If they are robotic
  • If their Tweets are engaging
  • If they’ve had a conversation in the last few Tweets

If their profile bio says anything like “earn more money”, “I follow back”, “get 500 followers” I do not follow.

If something in their profile sounds remotely robotic or has more than two hashtags, I do not follow.

If I look down a feed and the person is continuously re-Tweeting or posting Tweets full of links to a website with hashtags, they do not get a follow. These guys are automatically posting content and do not interact. There is no point following them. They will never see MY Tweets.

If they haven’t had one conversation with one real person in the last week: no follow.

If they have 1 million followers, I do not always follow. I will only follow Tweeps with that many followers if they are known to me. Or if they have great content.

I like my connections to be personal.

Why should I not always ‘follow back’ on Twitter?

A business should aspire to get quality followers, not huge numbers.

You will soon find yourself confused and uninterested if you follow everyone just for the follow back. Carefully choose Tweeps in the same sector or with the same interests.

The aim is to build a community around your business and try to inspire your followers. Following everyone back without first checking their profile just leads to noise.

Think each connection through and then courteously get involved.

Show you are a real person who cares about your business and your customers.

Too much noise on your Twitter feed? Use Twitter lists

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