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Latest online marketing tips

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is an underestimated duty for website owners, which helps search engine rank and nurtures the interest of followers. Maintenance not only means portfolio, service and product updates but also the addition of news articles, blog posts and media,...

What is a ‘search engine organic listing’?

A 'search engine organic listing' refers to the natural or unpaid listing of a website on a search result page. Organic listings are natural listings of web pages that Google has crawled, and deemed valuable for the search term. The more informative and valuable the...

Blog post ideas

Blog post ideas - the bane of the business owners life, who is convinced that no one will be interested in their subject, that they don't have the capacity to write a helpful blog and that it has all been done before anyway! In this post I assist you to discover...

Website design and SEO

Website design and SEO

Understanding the relationship between website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you to recognise the ways in which they simultaneously help a website to appear on search results. Increasing page rank, gaining exposure and more traffic. It can also...

What is a domain name?

What is a domain name and how does it work? When we talk about a domain name in the case of the internet, we are basically referring to a 'website address'. We use domain names to view websites or send email. A domain name will always end with a suffix, like .com or...

Why is my website not on Google?

Website not on Google? This is a common problem with websites for small businesses across the globe. There can be a combined number of reasons that a website is not showing up on Google search results. Two main reasons are: The designer of the website has not taken...

How to monetize a website

Small businesses spend time and money building websites and blogs to advertise. Why not also monetize that website or blog? These are not quick fix 'make money fast' ideas, uncovered. Monetizing a website does take dedication, but it is very achievable. Often people...

How to increase page rank

Once a website is launched, business owners turn to the search engines. Often a website is listed for a few general terms and the company name. This is not enough online exposure to actually sell a product or service. You must improve page rank to increase traffic....

Why blog for business?

Why blog for business? The benefits are multiple and often businesses do not realise the importance. Using a blog, businesses write valuable content to teach an audience. A blog is a way of reaching out to people and converting them to clients. We call this inbound...



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I am Kelly Drewett - a freelance website designer, who builds custom websites. I've worked with small businesses since the year 2000. I actively help you to work towards higher search engine listings. My aspirations are for you to understand website design and SEO, to have an interest in your own website and to adopt habits for a more competitive online presence.