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Kaydee Web - Technical search engine optimisation and SEO website design

Active, effective websites.

8 simple steps + TOOLS & BONUSES

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  • SEO explained.
  • Jargon so you can talk 'SEO'.
  • Factors that help rank.
  • How to analyse efforts.
  • The perfect web page.
  • Targeting blog posts.
  • Media for SEO.
Kelly Drewett sat on a rock with a note pad and pen. French Alps in the background

Hey, I'm Kelly Drewett, a technical SEO and SEO website designer; I combine the two.

I'm from the UK, but I live in the French Alps. It's pretty amazing. Here I am sat on a rock.

Your website trainer and mentor

If you’d like to understand more about the mechanics of websites and search engines, you've come to the right sphere.

I teach website owners, designers and creatives, wherever you are in your web design journey.

Web design, content creation and brand awareness create a perfect SEO blend to help website owners and web designers achieve more. WordPress is a great tool for you to achieve that.

”Search engine optimisation is a mixture of beautiful code, thoughtful design, inclusivity, creativity and compassion.”

I've been developing websites, running a business and networking like crazy for 20 plus years. I love sharing what I've learnt to help your business grow.