How to create a business Facebook page without a personal account


It is possible to register on Facebook as a business only, meaning you now do not need a personal profile at all. Create as many Facebook pages as you like with no personal profile.

However, there are disadvantages to this.

No Facebook search bar

Registering on Facebook as a ‘business only’ (or a fan page, as some like to call it) means you cannot use the Facebook search tool. It is not possible to search for other pages/businesses within Facebook.

You can use external links or a direct URL when you are logged in to Facebook and you can go and like the page, but you cannot directly search.

I find this quite frustrating – you can’t find and like other pages, which is so important for Facebook interaction.

Lack of a Facebook news feed

When you have a personal profile and then you use Facebook as a business you can click the f (Facebook logo, top left) to see a feed of the latest posts from all the pages you like.

This is great for interaction, you can like, comment, answer questions, tag others photos; really get involved! Just what Facebook is for.

For some reason, if you do not have a personal profile and are a logged in as business only you do not have this news feed.

Also next to the feed are suggested pages. Pages that may be of interest under your business hat. Pages you will like, as your page.

Are these visible when you register to Facebook as a business only? No.

Inability to invite friends

As a personal user on Facebook you can invite your personal friends to any page you want. When you are running a personal profile along side a business page you can invite friends to like your page. Great!

If you are like me, your business is your personality. A lot of people I become friends with I will invite to my page if I think they might be interested. This means I can share personal things with them and business things. I ask someone to be my friend, they say yes, I invite them to my page. Again, networking.

If you are registered to Facebook as a ‘business only’ you loose this ability.

These three things mean that you are stuck in a box, only seeing your page not able to interact with the rest of Facebook. I wonder if Facebook will change this?

Other irritations when registered with Facebook as a business (only)

For some reason you do not have notifications in the blue bar at the top; the one we are all so used to. I have it on all my business pages that are connected to my profile.

If you are registered with Facebook as a business only your notifications appear in a white bar, below the blue. To see your page likes you have to find the LIKES button, which is further down the page, next to the ABOUT button.

This is not necessarily a hindrance. I just wonder who made the interface so different?

Tagging photos on a Facebook business page

As a Facebook business page you simply cannot tag personal users in photos. You can tag other pages, even pages you don’t officially ‘like’, but you can’t tag users. The secret is to switch back to your personal profile and then tag those people who are your personal friends. A really useful tool when trying to get exposure to your page.

If you are registered with Facebook as a business only you can’t do this.

Linking your personal profile to your business page

Linking your personal profile to your business page is also really useful whether you are a one man band, or an enterprise director. It means people can look you up, see where you work and click through to your business.

Hope I’ve given you enough reasons to get a personal profile as well!

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