A website represents a company, and for most the website IS the business. Customers use a website to learn more about a company, a purchasing decision can be made in seconds.

Small businesses need help to develop, maintain, market and improve their business websites, so that they survive online.

Websites and SEO

Website design and SEO

Understanding the relationship between website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you to recognise the ways in which they simultaneously help a website to appear on search results. Increasing page rank, gaining exposure and more traffic. It can also give you awareness as to how improper website design can affect performance. With basic …

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Why do I receive blank versions of the form on my website?

Blank form submissions and spam form submissions (those that are full of gobbledegook) are the result of bots (automated programs) submitting your forms. These bots come across the page that enables your form to send and submits blank forms or forms full of rubbish. The bots that send gobbledegook are blindly trying every form they can in order …

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