Business websites

A website represents a company, and for most the website IS the business. Customers use a website to learn more about a company, a purchasing decision can be made in seconds.

Small businesses need help to develop, maintain, market and improve their business websites, so that they survive online.

Posts in chronological order

How to monetize a website

Small businesses spend time and money building websites and blogs to advertise. Why not also monetize that website or blog? These are not quick fix ‘make money fast’ ideas, uncovered. Monetizing a website does take dedication, but it is very achievable....

Do-it-yourself website builders

You do not have to be hugely technical these days to build a website with one of the do-it-yourself website builders, at a very low cost. There are great packages for the entrepreneur to get their teeth into. They are easy to customise and can be...

Responsive web design explained

Responsive web design (RWD) is design which provides an audience with the easiest reading and navigational experience on any device or computer screen. When a website is responsive there is no need to resize a page or pan across to see more information. More people...