Quality, structured blog posts written around searchable key terms build trust with your ever learning audience and increase traffic to a website.

Writing a blog is one of the most powerful online marketing tools that can be utilised by small businesses.

Learn how to use a business blog to get your website ranked higher, to build an audience and increase online exposure.

Blog post ideas

Blog post ideas – the bane of the business owners life, who is convinced that no one will be interested in their subject, that they don’t have the capacity to write a helpful blog and that it has all been done before anyway! In this post I assist you to discover topics that you can …

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Why blog for business?

Why blog for business? The benefits are multiple and often businesses do not realise the importance. Using a blog, businesses write valuable content to teach an audience. A blog is a way of reaching out to people and converting them to clients. We call this inbound marketing. On the same domain, a blog will support a website. Using a blog …

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WordPress security issues

WordPress security issues that website owners should be aware of and steps to avoid vulnerabilities. Why does WordPress have security issues? WordPress is wonderful tool to enable set up of an affordable CMS website. CMS stands for Content Management System, which means that the client can manage content. Using WordPress, the web developer can take control of design, structure …

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Small business blog tips

To survive on the internet a small business owner must provide content to their audience, often through a small business blog. The more quality content, using researched key terms, the better a blog will do on search engines. We are starting to see lots of dedication to business blogs, but what works and what doesn’t? …

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Images on blog posts or web pages

Images are an important part of search engine optimisation and social media, therefore as part of your ongoing online marketing strategy. If you do the hard work writing a post then utilise the power of images. Images increase search engine traffic When you search for terms like “strawberry cheese cake” on Google, thumbnail images of strawberry cheese cakes appear next …

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5 benefits of blogging for business

Small businesses can find blogging time consuming, but the benefits of blogging are clear and make blogging an extremely important part of online marketing. What is a blog? A blog consists of posts in categories or chronological order. Posts are written by you, an employee, colleague or third party about the business and subjects relevant to the customer. Posts on a business blog …

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