Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

My first mind map for blog post ideas

I return to pen and paper when brainstorming blog post ideas.

A mind map helps produce blog post ideas for the year. Start with obvious topics related to your business and its customers. Around those ideas use associated words.

Your broad topics become narrow, finding niches.

Ask employees, spouses, even children to help you. It can be a trust building exercise.

Topics may seem obscure at first but can capture an audience that is not directly looking for your product. More ideas stem from posts as you write, so note those ideas down.

Items to include in your blogging mind map

  • Geographic area.
  • Buying / production process.
  • Materials used.
  • Every day tasks.
  • Customer problems.
  • Related sports or activities.
  • Famous people / industry influencers.
  • Related recipes or how to articles.
  • Pros and cons, positives and negatives.

Read about your industry

Simply reading other peoples content within your industry, whether you agree with it or feel controversial towards it, will inspire you in writing your blog. In fact, being controversial can really get your blog noticed.

Most of us read about things we are working on. I keep a note book, but if that is not by my side I send myself an email with a link to the inspirational post I just read. Make sure you also write down the part that inspired you, or what you would like to say.

You cannot run out of blog post ideas when you are reading industry news every day.

Use your customers for blog post ideas

Either directly ask your customers what they would like to learn from you, or go through old emails and look at the questions people have asked you in the past. You could even pick up the phone.

I take notes in meetings that I have, whether with new clients or old. Sometimes a conversation will spark off a blog post.

The challenges your customers face are the problems you should be answering.

Social media can help when thinking up blog post ideas

Watch your customers profiles online. You can find out a lot about them, such as:

  • Who they follow.
  • Who influences them the most.
  • What communities and forums are they in.

Are there questions that consistently arise, that you might be able to answer?

When you share a post across social media networks ask, “what do you want to see next?” The responses will likely lead you to another idea or may help you to re-purpose your old content.

Websites to help with brainstorming for bloggers

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27 Killer Strategies for Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

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