Add a post to your WordPress blog/news area

Once logged in to your admin area, notice the left hand menu. This left hand menu is your way to (almost) everything in WordPress.

In this tutorial we start with the button called Posts. See the red circle on the image below.

How to add a WordPress post

You can either hover over the Posts tab and then click Add New, or you can click straight onto the word Posts. You will find yourself with the list of posts that are contained within your blog, published or drafts. Click Add New, next to the title of the page.

Create a new post on WordPress

Start with the title. Think of something informative and searchable for your page title. The post will be saved as a version of this title, so it should contain good keywords.

Write effective copy for search engines

Saving a WordPress post as a draft

You can save your post as a DRAFT, which you can come back to later.  I do this whilst I am editing a post, so that it is not live on the site: just look over on the right hand side of the screen, you may have to scroll up as it is at the top of the page. In the publish box there is a SAVE DRAFT button.  Click on that.  The public will not be able to see your post, but it is safely stored in the database now for you to come back to later.

Please note: if you are logged in you will be able to see your post on the front end.  This is so that you can test it.  Also drafts are saved by WordPress automatically.

Categorising your blog post

I may of already set up some categories for you.  Over on the right hand side of the screen, under the Publish box is the Categories box.  It is a good idea to categorise your posts so that your users can find things easily.  Just tick the box next to the relevant category and save your draft.

Add a new category from a blog post

You can add a new category by clicking on the “+Add New Category” link under the Categories box. Don’t worry, you will not navigate away from your current post. Just type in the name of your new category, choose a Parent Category if you have one, otherwise just leave this drop down box saying ‘Parent Category’.  Now click the button ‘Add New Category‘.

There will be an automatic tick next to your new category.  This means your post will be listed under that category.

Writing your blog post

Make your post informative and interesting using your keywords. pictures (be sure you have permission to use them) and links.

Publish your blog post

Once you are happy with your post you will need to PUBLISH it.  Look over on the right hand side, you may need to scroll up.  Now click the blue PUBLISH button.

You CAN publish your blog post later. Just look in the Publish box. There is a little calendar icon and it says Publish: immediately.  Click EDIT next to this line.  Choose a date in the future.  Now click the blue PUBLISH button. Your blog post will be published on that time and date.


Blogging can be great fun, and invaluable support for your website. Have a go!