As the website designer I set headers and paragraphs on your website using different fonts, spacing and colours, using a style sheet. Following that style, how do you create headers and paragraphs in WordPress?

You as the client already agreed to the layout. Every time you add a new header or paragraph, and tag it properly, the style will follow through.

Why use headers and paragraphs?

The header above is a H2 header tag. Headers and paragraphs are understood by the ‘internet’, namely search engines. Search engines decipher the page, through tags created, such as headers or paragraphs.

Those, along with a few other tags, are how they know what is on a page and what is important.

Pages should always start with a header 1 (or a <h1> tag to HTML lovers), this must contain a good description of the page content, using a key phrase chosen by the author.

Then, there may be an introductory paragraph. After that a header 2 (<h2> tag or heading 2) describing the next few paragraphs of text. That text might even be split up and titled with header 3’s or even header 4’s.

When updating WordPress it would be useful for you to know how to create a header 1, 2 or 3.

How to set headers and paragraphs on your WordPress page/post

Firstly, you need to be able to see them on your toolbar at the top of your text editor, when you are logged in to WordPress.

Go to a page or a post. Above the content you will find a toolbar, where you can change text to BOLD or ITALIC as you wish.   The last of these symbols is the Toggle Toolbar button. Click the symbol that looks like this:

How to create headers and paragraphs in WordPress

You will see that it opens up another row underneath the toolbar you already had. This is where you will be able to select which header to use or to add in a paragraph. You can see the drop down box on the left hand side of this new tool bar.

Generally – as you type you will be creating paragraphs. Every time you hit return you create a new paragraph.

Click to put your cursor somewhere within your text. Now look at the drop down box in your toolbar. Does it say ‘Paragraph’? That means your text is using the ‘paragraph formatting’, which will be set to a certain style by your web designer or theme.

Now try to create a header. Type your header. By staying on the same line as your new header, and not hitting return you w ill be able to format it. Or just select all the text you want as a header.

Now go to the drop down that currently says ‘Paragraph’, and choose ‘Heading 1’. You can create a ‘Heading 2’ or ‘Heading 3’ the same way.

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