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Yoga website design

Being involved in the website design for Rebecca Black's yoga business has been uplifting.

Becs is an inspiration to many people through the Tarentaise Valley, here in the French Alps. It is lovely to be involved in her journey.

When our founder, Kelly, first met Becs, she didn't have a brand or a website - we sorted a temporary one out for her in the early stages.

Over the years I’ve known Becs, she’s developed a personal brand, in a completely natural way almost unbeknown to her.

Her friendly, conscientious personality, and her love for yoga, built a faithful yoga following.

The Covid 19 pandemic forced yoga and sports professionals online. Becs embraced this only due to a pursuit to reconnect and help people, which ended up being worldwide. It was lovely to watch.

This year she found a new corporate look for her business, with help from artist and graphic designer Denise Anderson. In the Bourg Saint Maurice area, Denise is creative in many ways and is available for commissions.

We love the Balance Bec brand colours that Denise created. There are a few colour combinations that we could choose from, which somewhat reflect Tibetan prayer flags with a modern twist and a hint towards Buddhism.

Yoga website design

Becs is a world traveller and a mountain explorer, as well as a yogi - an excellent fit for our founder, Kelly.

An event calendar is available on the website. The calendar includes the in-person yoga classes, online yoga classes and the yoga retreats that Becs does for her students.

There’s also a payment and contribution button for people to pay online.

Just Do Yoga website
Chalet business website design

My favourite thing about this yoga website is that Becs is ever-changing and growing. She makes a significant effort on her blog and has produced some excellent material that helps her search engine page rank.

We frequently communicate to make sure that Becs progresses her online adventure - she joins Kelly on her SEO talks where she continues to learn.

Becs has fabulous online lessons. Some are available for free on her yoga YouTube channel.

Becs is super knowledgeable, and has a unique teaching style and will appeal to mountain sports lovers.