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Agriculture and farm website design

The Hazell Agricultural Services business has significantly expanded since Kelly designed their first website seven years ago, so it was well overdue for a revamp.

Will and Livy spoke to us about their current branding. Their corporate colours and logo are still on-trend, so we felt spending money here was unnecessary.

We introduced a pop colour - the bright orange that you’ll see on some of the website’s pages. We also used a different font which quickly brings a modern feel to any marketing.

The website needed a complete overhaul. We introduced a new look via a new WordPress theme. It is now a full-screen design consisting of hero images to display the titles on each page.

We’ve expanded the about page to include information on Will and Livy, the business owners, essential to connect with an audience personally. We’ve added their team members too. We would love to see some professional photos on this page; perhaps we’ll see some at a later date.

Agriculture website design

About Hazell Agricultural Services

Hazell Agricultural Services are a thriving family-run business in the Oxfordshire area of the UK - the place where our founder, Kelly, grew up.

They have an extensive collection of plant machinery and provide groundwork, concreting and contract farming services to the agricultural community and commercial clients.

Will and Livy are community-driven and have a long-standing team; things we love about their business ethos. Both are well known within the industry, having been raised on farms in the area.