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Website for a photographer

This website for a photographer based between Somerset and Oxfordshire in the UK, is pretty but very strong. Her photos look stunning against the patterned watermark background, which is a feature to the left hand side of the main content area.

Julie Rose is able to update her own photographs in the grid gallery, shown, which makes all photos the same height. Each can be clicked on to view them at full screen in a lightbox.

Website for a Photographer
Website for Photographers

Search engine optimisation for photographers

At the end of 2018 Julie and we started a small and fairly short search engine campaign to get the website appearing on search engines for key phrases searched within her local area.

We improved the written content within the website, implemented on-page SEO, revised local SEO listings, took care of link building requests and written relevant blog posts around researched key terms using Julie's knowledge of the subjects.

Slowly and surely Julie's website has achieve better search engine page rank. If Julie continues her blogging journey, her blog posts and web pages will continue to climb in search results as the search engines see Lollipop Photography's online efforts.

Search engine optimisation for a photographer website