Website design for a campervan and van rental company

I designed and programmed this site using the Bootstrap 4 framework, SCSS, HTML5 and PHP.

Design of the website

The business already had a lovely logo and a corporate look - designed by Eline at Brein Boerderei, who also did the campervan illustrations on the van pages.

The black and white colour scheme is similar to the campervans themselves, but we used 4 bright colours to help navigate. The injection of colour breaks the pages up and gives a more vibrant, holiday feeling. I used a clear rounded font for the body and a hand-writing font for the titles - following the brand's theme.

One requirement was that the site was programmed according to Google's quality guidelines, so as much as possible I've kept the site fast loading and good for all sized computers and devices. I've avoided using large 'hero' images.

I guided Simon, the business owner, into structuring the site according to keyword research I did. It is a small site at the moment, so I used more that one key term on each page in the hope we can match our competitors.

I used Google maps to display the locations of the agencies, and also as useful links on the pages for the campervans themselves.

Responsive website design
Responsive website design
Campervan and van rental website design