WordPress website design

WordPress is an adaptable and easy-to-use web design package that enables you to contribute to your own website with no web design knowledge. It is a low cost way to get a functional website online.

Training in some aspects may be required. I offer WordPress lessons by video chat.

Or learn the basics from my WordPress tutorials for beginners.

No need to update your own website? Choose custom website design.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, Open Source content management system which gives businesses the ability to update websites in-house. This is an alternative solution to 'from scratch' CMS development, which can be financially out of reach for some small businesses.

How does WordPress work?

A theme, applied by the website designer, decides the look of a WordPress website. Plugins manage functionality - like forms, shopping baskets or an event calendar.

How I help you with WordPress

I programme WordPress websites for businesses like yours by either customising existing WordPress themes or developing bespoke ones.

Bespoke WordPress themes can be tailored to your requirements. Clean code and minimal plugins ensures that your website delivers information quickly, making it more appealing to your audience and to search engines.

Pages are added once you are happy with design. I can help with written content and photos, or I can leave that to you.

Custom WordPress website design

WordPress website design that helps your business to grow. I know WordPress.

I develop WordPress templates using a slick framework called Bootstrap 4.

Flexible, mobile friendly websites which are code-light and great for search engines.

WordPress websites for business startups

An affordable web design option for your business startup - I offer a ‘startup package’.

The result is a mobile friendly, WordPress website. This package provides you with a good sized site, developed using a WordPress theme that I have already created.

Skilled WordPress website designer

WordPress has been my primary means to design websites for over 10 years.

After unsuccessfully finding a theme that was neither limited nor clunky, I decided to create my own.

I work with Bootstrap 4 CSS framework to design bespoke themes.

I have a toolbox of tried and tested plugins developed by trusted providers that I use day to day. I can mould each to your requirements.

Custom sites I develop are search engine friendly - your website will look good across all platforms and, with the correct support, drive business.

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Common WordPress problems

With my WordPress experience I can fix common WordPress problems.

Common WordPress problems I see frequently are:

  • Difficulty installing WordPress core.
  • The WordPress white screen of death.
  • Theme or plugin update has broken the site.
  • Errors establishing a database connection.
  • Failed WordPress upgrades.
  • WordPress stuck in maintenance mode.
  • Permalinks not working, or WordPress menu system not working.
  • WordPress website has been hacked.
  • Very slow WordPress website affecting search page rank.

WordPress website security

Being a popular Open Source software, WordPress comes under attack from hackers. Out of date WordPress installs are more commonly targeted as they've been in the public domain longer.

Themes and plugins for WordPress can be developed by anyone with the know how, and sometimes without client security in mind. This opens up other security holes.

That doesn't mean that WordPress is deficient, as long as plugins are by trusted developers and the core is kept up to date.

Working on WordPress every day means I have the knowledge and experience to recreate and fix bugs of many levels.

I provide WordPress security packages, monthly updates and backups to keep your WordPress website safe and restorable.

Do you have any of these common WordPress problems, errors or any other WordPress troubles?

Are you thinking about moving a WordPress website and database to a different host?

Would you like to talk about keeping your WordPress site secure and well maintained?

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