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Film producer website design

Award-winning TV and film producer and director Anna Keel requested a clean, clear website with a strong visual impact.

We included a masonry photo grid of large images on the homepage presenting the films and documentaries on which Anna has worked.

On the ABOUT page, we included large hero images, which scroll through a carousel effect.

Hero images are the large images that fill the screen horizontally. They are on-trend in web design at the moment.

We love that the origin of the HERO IMAGE label comes from the film industry - the hero prop. We all know what a prop is in the film industry. The “hero prop” is a detailed close-up shot using more realistic props that may have moving parts. Cool hey?

Anna can update images and content herself because we built the website using the well-known CMS system, WordPress.

Working with Anna is fantastic - she’s been far and wide to get to the bottom of these wonderful true-life stories.

We love the diversity within her films and documentaries; they address real-world problems.

Please email me for Anna's website address or search 'Anna Keel, Manuka Films'.

What is a masonry grid?

Masonry is a layout that positions images based on the available vertical space so that the grid looks neat and tidy. The reason it has the name is that it is like a mason fitting stones in a wall.

Film producer website design