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Website design for an author

A professional website design for author and freelance journalist, Penny Farmer. It showcases her book Dead In The Water with a synopsis and information about the investigation team.

In 1978, Penny was 17 years old. Her 25-year-old brother, Chris Farmer and his girlfriend, Peta, were murdered whilst travelling in Guatemala.

The story is tragic; Penny has been truly courageous in tracking down and writing about her brother’s killer.

It is an incredible story and well worth reading; a devastating story resonated deeply with Kelly because of her travelling and sailing experiences.

Website design

The website brief was for a nautical look which was thought-provoking and relatively dark. The book content is just that, describing the unimaginable and terrible tale that happened at sea.

There was a lot of meaningful content to fit onto the home page, so white space was vital. We like the media page - we used corporate logos and icons to represent the media companies and media type.

Penny Farmer released her book in the United States too. We outlined this on the home page, making it clear where to buy the book, country dependent.

The site is fully responsive for desktop and mobile and was created using HTML, SCSS and the Bootstrap 4 framework.