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Organic SEO services for a local business

Kaydee Web carries out regular SEO services for this local business in Oxfordshire. Over an extended period, even small-scale optimisation improves a website's rank and helps a small business to grow as it gains recognition. The monthly retainer also ensures that the WordPress installation remains up-to-date and secure.

Just Right Autos is a successful car mechanic located in Witney, Oxfordshire. It was founded and developed by Martin, who started as a one-person team and now employs eight people. Witnessing the growth of his business has been highly rewarding.

Kaydee Web founder, Kelly Drewett, met Martin while working as a retained firefighter in the Oxfordshire Fire Service. Martin trusted her to build his website and create a continued SEO strategy on a monthly retainer over the years.

Martin's vehicle workshop business ranks best in the area (and nationwide) for multiple key phrases, and he doesn't do any other advertising.

A quick search on Google for any of the local key phrases below will display the Just Right Autos website on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

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Kelly loves doing organic SEO for a business like this because she knows Martin does the best he can in his work and customer satisfaction. SEO works for open, honest businesses.

Organic SEO services for a local business
"I don't advertise anywhere else now; all the business comes from the website." Martin Hambidge, Business Owner, Just Right Autos

Local SEO services: the process

To create an SEO-friendly website for Just Right Autos, Kaydee Web built a website with the correct URLs, well-named images with ALT tags, and meta-data on every page as standard.

Just Right Autos started one of our SEO packages and kept that rolling over the months. We now have a well-engineered website and continuously create web pages and blog posts targeting key phrases.

Kaydee Web writes content about the local area, using words like Witney and Oxfordshire to help search engines recognise the workshop's geographical location.

One of the pages we created is on driver information in the Witney area - a page geared around the community shows that Just Right Autos looks after their local customers by providing regional knowledge.

Off-page SEO, local backlinks and reviews

A significant part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves off-page SEO strategies where we focus on elements outside of the website, such as social media and online directories.

It is crucial to maintain consistency in any reference to a business, which is known as NAP consistency. NAP refers to Name, Address, and Phone, but it goes beyond just those three details.

Kaydee Web ensures that the business bios are up-to-date and mention the relevant keyphrases, links to the website are correct, opening times are consistent, and the logo is used as necessary across all relevant platforms on the internet.

We also ensure that all details on any directories are up-to-date, as local directories help build backlinks and brand awareness.

Over the years, we have reminded Just Right Autos to request Google reviews from their customers and provided them with suggestions on the specific phrases that their clients can use while leaving reviews. The choice of words used in the reviews helps Google provide the most useful information for future customers, which in turn helps the business rank higher in Google Maps.

Building the WordPress website

Just Right Autos is built in WordPress, a content management system (CMS) that allows customers to manage their website and blog easily. The layout is clean, using simple colours and fonts. We keep the web design simple to ensure visitors can find what they are looking for and search engines will approve.

The mobile version of the website has a collapsed menu, often known as the burger menu, and it is traditional at Kaydee Web to label this MENU so people can instantly see where to go.

A simple design like this has longevity - over the years, the website has grown, but as we’ve managed it every month, we’ve kept it up to date and have frequently reorganised the navigation system to ensure ease of use.

Professional photos for local SEO

The success of Martin's website has been helped by the professional photographs taken by Jenny Stewart Brand Photographer, who operates in and around Gloucester and Bristol. We suggested Martin hire Jenny as we love the style of her photography.

Jenny’s pictures clearly show how she made Martin feel comfortable in front of the camera despite him being a private person. Considering most people don't like to have their photo taken, this is an essential skill.

Google likes to see that businesses make an effort to attract visitors, and having unique photos on the website is a great way to rank better than websites that use unoriginal stock photos. Whenever we write a blog post, we have a pool of unique photos to use as the Open Graph image.

Professional images capture the personality of the founders and the team in the workshop, which we love seeing on a website because it helps visitors trust the business.

Jenny's photographs give visitors a sneak peek behind the scenes within the workshop, making them feel more comfortable leaving their vehicle with Just Right Autos.

The photo above is one of our favourites - Martin looks relaxed, and his dogs are in the shot. It speaks volumes about the family business that Martin and Adele have built. Jenny perfectly captured the business logo and workshop in the background.