SEO & blogging workshop

Your website can power your business.

Find confidence and give your website purpose. Understand, educate and entertain your audience. Learn how to target blog posts and web pages.

£200 per person.

Kelly Drewett looking excited about her SEO and blogging workshop


Next date announced soon.

Four hours long with a one-hour break in the middle.

Parts 1 & 2
9.30 - 11.30

Parts 2 & 3
12.30 - 14.30

Team training

Kelly offers training and SEO consultancy to educate your team. A smart way to invest your money, leaving the team with insight, knowledge and inspiration. Contact us about the team package.

Opportunities for all

We strongly believe in inclusivity, and that everyone should have the chance to learn key skills that are invaluable in the modern world, particularly in the job market.

That’s why we will always provide free training to people who find themselves homeless, displaced or living in poverty with few opportunities.

If you know anyone who would benefit from training in websites and SEO, please put them in touch with me. We’ll have a chat about their circumstances and what we can do to help.

What will you learn?

We teach content creation for humans because humans come first, but you will learn to optimise written content, images and video to power up your domain name, so your content ranks well on search engines.

This interactive workshop teaches you content types, ways to find topics to write about, and how to research key phrases and use them in your content to rank well.

The bulk of the workshop talks about writing, drafting, editing and optimising written articles for SEO. We then move on to including links, images and videos to strengthen web pages and blog posts. We then share them appropriately across the net.

You will finish this workshop with good knowledge of what you need to do within your business to gain a better rank for your website.

Your domain is a place to show your aspiration, expertise and devotion to your industry and purpose.

SEO takes stamina, but it is indeed worth it.

What people say

Nikki Shield, Designs Like These

Kelly's workshop on SEO was one of the best I have attended. After years of picking up tips about SEO and still feeling a little lost, Kelly was able to show us the whole picture, why the individual aspects were helpful and most importantly, how they relate to each other.

I now understand the true value of long-form content on your blog alongside short-form content on social media. I now understand what domain authority actually means and how to improve it. I understand the order in which to tackle things.

And we have a heap of suggested tools and links to help us. Kelly has made it feel possible to improve my SEO and motivated me to get on with updating my website. She has shown us how to do things as well as what to do. She is also a great person to hang out with for a few hours, friendly, enthusiastic and genuinely wants everyone to succeed.

Laura Ayienga, Outside Ideas

I recently attended Kelly's blogging workshop and it was fantastic! There was so much to learn on SEO content, Google Analytics, keywords, internal and external links, and all the details that go into increasing the engagement of a website.

Kelly was really generous with the information and she shared a lot of useful resources which I am looking forward to implementing.

I would definitely recommend the course to everyone looking to create valuable content for their audience, bump up the numbers on their website, as well as get pointers on how to inter-link social media and the website to get more website visits.

Fiona Brennan-Scott, Bespoken

Kelly brought us a great workshop about SEO and blogging. In essence it proved to me that I would rather hire her to do my SEO but have a full appreciation of what it entails. This is because of my personality type not her really down-to-earth, accessible language. The blog element was incredible useful too and something I feel empowered to do better now. I'm so encouraged to write more blogs , especially as Kelly provided a follow-up shared working space for us.

Workshop modules

Part 1

Topics and research

  1. Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness
  2. Written content
  3. Content ideas
  4. Keyword research
Part 2

Write and edit

  1. Think 'people'
  2. Style
  3. Draft and edit
  4. Optimise for search engines
Part 3


  1. Structure
  2. Meta-data
  3. Links
  4. Images
Part 4


  1. Video
  2. Share
  3. Analyse and revise
  4. Amplify

Who is Kelly?

I’m Kelly Drewett - I’ve been a website designer for two and a half decades; for half of that, I have concentrated on SEO website design, technical SEO, user experience and content creation.

Education is a passion of mine - I love teaching people.

The Kaydee Web blog receives 10,000 page views per month and has built up my online authority and newsletter list. A small business can make an impact through positive changes to its website.

I live in the French Alps with an incredible work-life balance that allows me to snowboard, bike, hike and trail-run.