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Website design for fashion school

We undertook the website redesign for Calgary based school 'École Holt Couture' who we have worked with for a number of years.

Jutta Holtkamp provided lots of beautiful photographs that we could use throughout the site. They stand out well against the white, black and grey theme.

The fashion school website is developed using PHP and the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework, so it is fast, mobile friendly and easy to navigate. We love the crisp look, which is reflected on tablets and phones.

The school is a private comprehensive school that provides full time courses for budding dressmakers, couturiers, tailors and fashion designers.

The word 'holt' is taken from the last name of the founder, Jutta's mother, Elfriedé Holtkamp. This word, of course, is similar to 'haute', a french word meaning high. In English it is used to mean high-fashion.

Website for fashion design school