WordPress blogs

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that enables small businesses to manage an online blog. It originated as a blogging platform and is easy to use for blog writing.

Blogs are used to support an audience and encourage traffic to a website.

I can put together a code-light WordPress blog for your company, which means it will be better understood by search engine crawlers. I create custom themes and use minimal plugins.

This achieves any look or functionality you desire.

WordPress blog management

I research key phrases and produce content for small business blogs, driving more traffic to a domain.

Business blogs

Why use a WordPress blog?

Once you are all set up with a WordPress blog, it is really easy to add or edit posts, through which your company can talk to an audience.

Used correctly, this type of interaction supports your website by supplying Google with the all important content that it craves.

The Yoast plugin for WordPress enables you to add meta-tags that will help search engines understand the posts. I can install an OpenGraph plugin to which you can add a social media ready photo.

Targeting a WordPress blog

Small businesses are often not educated in targeting key terms. Many continuously post industry news, which is fantastic if the blog already has a lot of followers, but will not encourage additional traffic to a new or fluctuating website.

Reap rewards by writing posts around researched key terms, key terms that real people search for. Low competition key words are a good place to start, as the domain starts getting a better rank.

I can analyse your website and blog to discover search terms, and provide ideas for your company to post about. I can train and guide you.