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We can let you know where your site needs improvement in user experience and search engine rank. We'd be happy to take a look.

Website audits

Website maintenance and updates

Support and guidance in website maintenance - we become a valued part of your team.

We offer maintenance on any website developed using HTML/CSS, PHP, Bootstrap or WordPress. Not sure what yours is? Ask me.

Text changes, image updates and product additions can be completed monthly or on a casual basis.

Website optimisation like researching key terms, improving pages, writing blog posts, checking crawl errors and link building can be regularly carried out.

Website updates

Website updates will help:

  • Pages to rank better on search engine results.
  • Keep products and services refreshed.
  • Inform an audience.
  • Save your precious time.

Website maintenance can include casual or more regular updates. Updates could be of your choice, or we can research and advise you.

WordPress security updates

WordPress website maintenance for security.

We recommend regular maintenance for any website programmed in WordPress.

WordPress core, themes and plugins need to be kept up to date to:

  • Increase security.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Add functionality.

We offer website maintenance to help keep your WordPress site secure.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance can umbrella a number of tasks taken out. Our blog post on website maintenance will help you to understand the importance.

A website should be kept up to date for both audience and search engines, as well as security reasons, especially when using a CMS system like WordPress.

Maintenance for search engines

When a site is not maintained crawl errors like dud links or 404 error pages arise. Google penalises errors of this type.

Website owners should be in the habit of routinely analysing and checking the online presence of the company.

A site that is updated regularly using original, informative content and researched keywords will gain rank on search engine result pages.

Maintenance for security

As it is one of the most popular, and freely available, CMS systems WordPress can become vulnerable. Hackers frequently target websites developed in WordPress.

WordPress core, plugins and theme updates are regularly released to close holes.

To reduced the risk of a hack WordPress should be kept fully up to date and no unnecessary files should be kept online.

Website maintenance packages

Are you looking for monthly website maintenance packages in search engine optimisation, updates or website security?

We offer regular maintenance, or WordPress updates and security checks over selected time periods.

Maintenance packages are tailored around your needs so do Contact us for prices.