SEO packages by Kelly Drewett at Kaydee Web

SEO packages

My SEO and web design knowledge enables me to improve a website so that it is positioned better and gains further reach on search engines.

Further reach and position leads to an increase of website traffic and more sales.

I work to quality guidelines and I am able to implement my suggestions, so the work is taken out directly on the website.

To see great results work should be taken out over a length of time, which is why I limited packages to 3 months.

A strong web presence is only achieved by evolving and refining a website over time.

What can be achieved using SEO?

Good search engine position is extremely valuable to a business.

Well programmed, well written websites will gain PageRank. Solid pages strengthen others so that the website gains momentum.

Connect with your audience and drive traffic.

Monthly SEO report

Your business will receive an SEO report each month, so you can see the positions that have been achieved for each search term. The report can be very detailed, or as uncomplicated as you wish.

The SEO report can detail:

  • 3 tracked competitors,
  • performing keywords,
  • search visibility,
  • keyword opportunities,
  • featured snippets,
  • linking domains,
  • domain authority,
  • page optimisation score,
  • crawl errors,
  • SERP features.

Tasks undertaken within the SEO packages

Each website is different and needs to be looked at independently. I do not set the tasks that need to be done each month, I personally make sure the right items are taken out first.

I perform the necessary tasks over the months, starting with the most urgent which is often rectifying crawl errors.

The packages include the same tasks - I don't hold anything back from the smaller package. The larger package simply allows me to spend more time on the website.

  • Search Console,
  • Google Analytics setup,
  • Google Analytics dashboard,
  • fixing crawl errors,
  • Cloudflare hosting,
  • keyword research,
  • targeting, renaming and redirecting pages,
  • optimising images,
  • rewriting content and linking throughout text,
  • targeting, renaming and revamping blog posts,
  • writing blog posts,
  • link building,
  • schema markup,
  • online profile consistency,
  • video suggestions.

I offer three package prices, shown below. The more time that is spent on a website, the greater reach it gains.

SEO ascent

£280 per month
minimum 3 months

SEO rise

£504 per month
minimum 3 months

SEO peak

£1008 per month
minimum 3 months

The passionate website owner

I encourage the website owner to be involved, or at least interested and passionate, about their own website. It makes for a better relationship.

Targeted blog posts can be written by the website to show their own knowledge and skill in the industry. This also saves time, saving costs. If you are not a writer then rough notes are fine. I can work my magic to improve, reword and revamp the article for search engines.

That way, you keep an interest in your own website. I've found over the years that when a website owner shows no interest in their own site, the development feels very unnatural. Part of search engine optimisation is providing a good and knowledgeable service for the users of the website.

As we evolve the site I will make suggestions to improve the online presence of the business such as guest blogging, backlinks, e-newsletters, relationship building and video production.

SEO guarantee

There are so many factors that can effect rank - competition, time, changes in algorithm, design and structure. In a trustworthy and honest manner I develop the site to significantly rank better organically, over time.

When we work well together the website owner can become familiar with the tactics I use. I offer training so that eventually a business can help their own website to stay ranked well on search engines.

Anyone that guarantees you a number 1 spot on Google for a lump sum of money is not being honest with you. Beware.