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Professional email addresses

We can provide your business with secure, professional email addresses. We setup and manage email accounts, server side, on your behalf.

The email addresses provided would correspond to a reserved domain name.

For example, could have the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected].

A business email address suggests professionalism as opposed to free email addresses like Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook or Yahoo.

Email accounts can be setup using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). Meaning that you can synchronise emails across all your devices.

POP3 access, required by Gmail, is also supported.

Don't understand the technical jargon? Don’t worry! Drop Kelly an email; we can take care of it all. We will even source an IT person in your area.

Setting up professional email addresses

We setup email accounts associated with a domain, server side.

Where your domain is reserved already, you will need to provide your control panel details or have someone technical 'point the domain'.

The email settings are sent over to you, so that the accounts can be created on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

If you are confident in adding email accounts but need a helping hand, we can talk you through. Or we liaise with your IT person.

Google Workspace for business

We highly recommend Google Workspace services to our clients, which is cloud based service provided by Google that integrates business email, Google Contacts, Google+, Google Hangouts, Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets and Slides) and more. All of which sync across computers and devices, and is really easy to set up.

Google Workspace can be used not only on Android, but also with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and on any Apple device.

Kelly is a certified Google Workspace Administrator in Fundamentals.

Prices for professional email addresses

Google Workspace email & apps – paid directly to Google.

15 email accounts (or email forwarding) plus web mail – £60.00 / €75.00 / CA$105.00 / US$80.00 per year*

*Currencies outside the UK are approximate.

Web hosting

Do you need web hosting too?

Got that covered!

Create a professional email address yourself

If you are a confident web user then it is easy to reserve and use a professional email address.

There are services like who offer free webmail addresses with suffixes such as, You may find something that suits you. However, to use the service within an email programme you payaround £35 per year.

We recommend using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) like HeartInternet or A2 to reserve your own domain name, on which you can set up professional email accounts.

There are cheaper ISPs but in our experience they are complicated to use and are unreliable.

Choose your domain carefully - you should keep it for life.