Social media for small business

Social networking not only builds brand awareness, social signals play a role in a website’s organic page rank.

Google increasingly picks up positive signals when links to your site have been shared. This improves domain authority and increases search engine rank.

Design for small business social media

Branding across all social networks should be sharp.

Each platform has specified profile sizes and viewports on different mediums, including computers, tablets, phones and smart TVs.

Profile pictures and cover images can be developed for your business using your corporate identity.

Giving the right message to your potential clients.

Small business social media campaigns

A business social media campaign consists of the follow steps:

  • Outline and set your social media goals.
  • Audit your current status across all networks.
  • Improve your social media profiles, visually.
  • Enhance SEO on social media profiles.
  • Develop a content strategy.
  • Use Google Analytics to track progress and make adjustments.

Why do you need help in social media?

My team has the ideas, knowledge and experience to put you in front of the right audience.

Time, interaction, branding and consistent updates are required to gain followers, friends, pins or likes.

Start on the right networks to help your business.

My team can become your voice or your shadow.

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