Search engine friendly web design

Search engine friendly web design is essential to an online marketing strategy for any small business.

To succeed, a website should not only look good but be built and optimised for search engines.

Search engine friendly websites have a much better chance of being found among billions of others online.


On-page search engine optimisation

On-page optimisation such as basic structure, the programming of the pages, mobile responsiveness and content have a huge impact on a site’s page rank.

Kaydee Web has the search engine knowledge to apply best practices to your website. This will start with a full analysis of your site.

Off-page search engine optimisation

Once your web pages are fully optimised for search engines a number of off-page optimisation tactics should be applied and analysed.

Off-page optimisation like obtaining quality back links, online reviews and social signals will support and help a site climb above the competition.

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SEO campaigns

Kaydee Web provides long term SEO campaigns, using intelligent tools, in which a company website and over all online presence is reviewed.

I analyse results, gain an understanding of an audience and research key terms to apply to pages.

As algorithms change, tactics change. Each campaign is fully tailored and regularly repeated.

Improve website SEO

Search engine optimisation is best started when building a website from the ground up, but websites can often be vastly improved.

Optimisation of any website is not a quick fix, fast track process.

I will review a website and provide suggestions to improve website SEO on-page and off-page. I offer continuous evaluation and guidance to help you choose your next steps. SEO is personal to each site.

Search engine friendly definition

The term search engine friendly is used to describe a website that has been optimised for search engines, such as Google.

Nowadays, ‘search engine friendly’ can mean a number of things.

In the old days search engine optimisation was simply a matter of making it easier for search engines to understand what the page was about.

A web developer could use key words within tags to let search engines know why the page was created.

Because of black hat tactics (i.e. abuse of the system) Google and it’s counterparts have become a lot more intelligent.

Now, to be search engine friendly a website must be informative, provide instant information, be easy to navigate, fast, mobile friendly and visually pleasing.

This gives the user the best experience, which is why Google will reward these types of websites.

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