Website SEO services

With so much experience in website design and search engines, Kelly Drewett offers website SEO services to small businesses.

Bridging the gap between business websites, search engine optimisationblogs and social media.

From basic help to get you started, through to more complicated strategies. My team of experts can help your small business with website SEO.


SEO is an important investment for any business.

Many spend time and money on a website but do not know how to support it.

Without improving and keeping it afloat, any website will sink among the billions of companies online.

Analyse Rank and Traffic

The first step to stay at the top of search engine result pages is to analyse the overall company web presence.

Kaydee Web uses Google Analytics and MOZ Pro to highlight areas in which businesses can improve online marketing efforts.

Discover damaging website crawl errors, rank position, related key terms, suggested back links and track competitors.

Based on those results developments can be made to a website, blog content and off-page optimisation to better website rank.


Search engine optimisation is the art of continuously refining a website so that search engines understand it and then list it.

Websites are frequently created without search engines in mind.

A website can often be considerably improved using focused key phrases and working the pages correctly to conform to Google regulations.

Once your website is optimised, it should be analysed and improved. A continuous cycle to stay on top.


Used correctly a blog can be an effective way to keep traffic coming to your website.

A blog provides informative updates and customer support, which Google values highly when ranking a website.

Quality, informative posts using keywords and links to your site will help to keep your company at the top of Google’s search result pages.

Trained correctly you and your staff can successfully use your blog to encourage visitors, gain trust and build your business.

Online Marketing Packages

With so much competition on the internet and a huge change in buying trends your business needs to stand out from the crowd.

Online marketing consists of more intricate tactics in advertising on the web.

Tracking visitor behaviour, managing your online reputation, gaining reviews and link backs all helps to gain leverage for your business.

Your online presence is no longer simply about a website.


Email newsletters are a proven way to stay in the forefront of customers minds.

A creative newsletter encourages connections.

Often used along side a blog and a social media strategy newsletters help to inform clients about your latest product or industry updates.

A contact that has already used, or shown interest in your product or service are the most valuable to your business.

Social Media

Social interaction on the internet is part of the wider approach to gain traffic to a website.

Networking sends positive signals to Google. When links to your site are retweeted by authoritative people, they are seen as a form of back links.

Social media should be used as part of your online marketing strategy.

I offer training, strategy development and can inject some excitement into your daily programme. I can also act on your behalf.