Web design for global initiative

Under Kaydee Web’s corporate social responsibility I was so pleased to complete the web design for One Day One Choir, a global singing initiative for peace.


Personal notes on this global initiative

I was inspired by Jane’s enthusiasm for this project, and impressed that such a thing as singing could really bring a global community together in the name of peace. Something so many of us want.

So I got involved with designing the One Day One Choir website.

It was necessary that the site was easy to use, across all platforms but there was a lot of information to fit on each page.

An important feature was the WHO’S SINGING map, for which we used Google Maps. Jane needed to be able to up date this herself as groups signed up to sing.

A blog area was provided so that Jane can keep followers of the initiative up to date.

We also set up a MailChimp newsletter signup form, ready for regular campaigns to be sent out.

About One Day One Choir
MailChimp Newsletter set up for One Day One Choir
Singing for Peace Global Initiative
One Day One Choir Full Home Page