Website SEO analysis

Website SEO analysis gauges a website’s SEO value on-page and off-page.

An SEO audit will let a business know where to fix SEO issues, such as crawl errors, duplicate content, site speed, meta-data and URLs (or slugs).

An in-depth report can be provided, showing page rank by keyword plus internal and external links.

These are the first steps to improving site rank.

As an experience freelance website designer I have the ability to quickly pinpoint, fix and revise any problems on a small business website.

With SEO audit tools, over time, I can improve a website’s SEO performance.

MOZ Pro SEO analysis tools

I use MOZ Pro, an SEO analysis tool, to analyse a business website per page. Using MOZ Pro I can determine page rank for key terms, to then improve that or change course.

I can identify errors, which enhances user experience and lets Google more easily crawl a site.

I can continuously evaluate and optimise posts and pages on a domain for key terms. I provide blog post ideas around key phrases that have high volume, but low difficulty in ranking.

Using this tool I have the ability to look at competition and find opportunities for quality back links. I can determine low quality back links, enabling removal requests or eventually disavowing. This improves over all domain authority.

Your website will be supported and improved month by month, taking on the correct, organic search engine optimisation tactics.

The MOZ Pro report can be sent to you each month so that you can visually see improvements, or areas of weakness.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

The addition of the Google Analytics code, as well as using the Google Search Console enables businesses to track visitors to a site.

This offers vital information and statistics such as:

  • Where visitors come from, such as search engines or social platforms.
  • How long each visitor stays on the site.
  • If there are important repeat visits.
  • The movements visitors make around a site.
  • From where a visitor arrived.
  • Which keywords are used to find a site.
  • Highlights important landing pages.

Google’s website SEO analysis offers important knowledge to improve the performance of a website.

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics was created by Google to provide website owners with information on visitors. Businesses must sign up via Google and add a code to the header of each page on their website. The code tracks visitors using cookies, and will help analyse web traffic.