Small business blog

A small business blog is an important part of any online profile, encouraging traffic to your website.

Providing valuable content to users and becoming an authoritative voice in your industry encourages back links, and helps Google search page rank.

Regular, valuable content using good key phrases are essential, and provides subject matter to share on social networks.

I can put together a small business blog to support your website. I can analyse posts and pages.

Business blog writing

I have a team of content writers ready to write a business blog.

I brainstorm with the business owner to use industry expertise.

I then choose key terms, instruct the content writer, add each post to the blog and optimise them for search engines. I achieve results with intelligent tools and experienced web knowledge.

How blogging helps business

Google wants to provide its users with the best search result and wants to see business owners providing for their audience. Google looks for informative, well written content which will provide users with the best answer.

A small business blog helps search engine rank because, on the same domain, it is an extension of a website.

A blog can be huge, containing hundreds of informative articles, arranged and optimised around industry topics.

When a domain covers related key terms across quality pages and posts search engines consider the company knowledgeable in a field and will rank that domain higher.

When people search for those key terms, they come across the blog posts, which in turn grows the trust of an audience and pushes traffic to the website.

When content is deemed as popular, the domain will rank even higher. An eternal circle.

Images, YouTube videos and Podcasts also increase your online exposure.

A small business blog is perfect for the passionate business owner.

Blogging for business best practices

Writing a small business blog is not a quick fix to get your website to the top of search engine pages.

A small business blog is a long term strategy to provide Google with the content it craves and build long term relationships with an online audience, improving results over time.

When writing a blog, business owners should not write solely for search engines, they must always have their audience in mind.

How to write for search engines and humans

Business blog examples

Kaydee Web, The Blog

My own blog giving business advice about marketing on the web. For start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Whitebeam Chalets, Peisey-Vallandry, France

Although I didn’t design the Whitebeam Chalet website, I have co-ordinated the business blog to successfully encourage better search engine results and online exposure.

1st Lifts Transfers, Peisey-Vallandry, France

I’ve been involved in adding seasonal blog posts around researched key terms on this transfer company website.