Web services for business websites

During its lifetime a business website should continuously improve and evolve.

The web services on this page can be taken out on existing websites, or alongside a custom website design, a website startup package with Kaydee Web.

Web services may be started at any time during the life span of a website.

Secure WordPress website

Every WordPress website or blog should be kept up to date for security and functionality.

WordPress core, themes and plugins are continuously upgraded to:

  • Increase security.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Add functionality.

Is WordPress secure?

The WordPress team creates patches to help fix security vulnerabilities that hackers have managed to exploit, which is why it is important to keep your WordPress website up to date.

Keeping your WordPress version, plugins and themes in check reduces the time it is vulnerable.

Your site can be protected using a trusted security plugin, protecting your site from brute force attacks and hacks.

WordPress website backups

Kaydee Web provides automatic backup software to ensure the database and files are kept safe.

Full WordPress security and backup package

Each session will see a manual back up of datebase, files and folders so the site can be easily restored if an attack takes place.

Updates are carried out to WordPress core for security and functionality as well as necessary updates to themes and plugins to keep in tune with devices and browsers.

A full check through and test of the site will then be carried out.

1 session is £57

Can be performed weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

If updates to plugins or themes triggers an error the customer will have to pay by hour for any fixes, or a roll back.

Charges will be increased for larger websites. 

Child theme: if your WordPress site has been correctly developed it will already use a child theme. If not, Kaydee Web recommends one is implemented before carrying out security updates. Charges per hour.

Search engine optimisation

To help a website rank on search engine result pages I advise the first steps below.

Do note that search engine optimisation is an ongoing job. Please visit my online marketing section for information to gain online exposure.

Submit your website

Bots would eventually crawl a new website, but submitting the site directly can speed up the process so that it is listed sooner.

Once I launch a custom designed website, I submit it to two major search engine: Google and Bing. Submitting to Bing helps Yahoo listings. For a fee I can do this for existing websites too.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a one-stop area in which to view your Google analytics, add your company or update Google Location, Google+ and Google Search and review stats from major online review sites around the web.

Google Location is a great way of being found when someone places a local search. If you are not listed on the Google map, you are certain to loose custom to a competitor.

Your Google Location will be linked to a Google+ page, automatically created by Google.

A full, professional Google+ page including your logo, contact details and photographs can be produced for you and can be linked and aligned with a website.

You can update your Google+ page with the latest company information, which will be cast over the internet immediately. Here you can receive important Google reviews.


A sitemap helps search engine crawlers list your pages more easily, some of which may not be discovered by Google’s crawling process.

You could be helped by a sitemap if:

  • Your website is made up of dynamic content (using a “shop in a box” for example).
  • Your website has pages that are not easily discovered by Googlebot during the crawl process.
  • Your website is new or does not have many links to it.
  • Your website has a large archive of pages that are not very well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.