Websites for business start-ups

Affordable websites for business start-ups

I am pleased to offer an affordable website package for your small business venture.

3 page website with 1 year hosting

£390 / €450, made in two instalments.

The ‘start-up’ website package includes:

  • Website hosting for 1 year.
  • WordPress install.
  • Standard, mobile friendly website in corporate colours.
  • Insertion of logo image and horizontal navigation.
  • Social media links.
  • Contact information.
  • Three standard pages.
  • 1 proof site, tweaked for final version.
  • Area in which you can update text and images.

Business start-ups without a logo

As a new business you may not have a logo. A basic file can be created displaying your company name in corporate colours, using a smart font.

If you would like a quote for professional logo design, please get in touch.

Website text and images

Text and images for your website should be provided by you.

Up to 600 words and 3 images can be added to both the HOME PAGE and the SERVICES page.

For an extra fee text and images can be created on your behalf.

Check out my blog post: startup website ideas

The three page start-up website package

Three pages are provided in the start-up package, which can be adapted to your needs.

The package will consist of a HOME PAGE, which could include background information on you or your company.

The next page could be a page on your SERVICES, PRODUCTS, PRICES or FACILITIES.

The third page might be a CONTACT FORM or a MAP.

No interactive functionalities can be provided with this package.

If you would like more flexibility please visit ‘custom website design‘.

What will my website look like?

The standard layout for a website that can be provided for your startup or small business is logo on the left and a horizontal navigation system.

Background colour can be a colour of your choice. I recommend white, black or light grey.

Layout varies depending on the shape of the logo, colours, images and text chosen.

Once launched and paid for I am very happy for you to take over and do what you would like to do with your site.

However, I am always here to help you with updates and upgrades.

Websites for business start-ups

Websites for business start-ups, an example

Website design and online marketing for startups and small businesses

I am a freelance website designer, who has worked with start-ups and small businesses for 17 years.

I help entrepreneurs online. Step by step, from start to finish.

My mission is to provide affordable websites, which can grow with the business.