Online marketing tips for small business

Online marketing refers to the way a business promotes itself on the internet, using a website, blog, SEO and social media, as well as other online activity like back links and reviews.

To be found, a business website must be supported.

I am a freelance website designer. I provide online marketing tips for small businesses so that they:

  • Better understand business websites and search engines.
  • Can increase website traffic and, in turn, drive more business.
  • Use online marketing more effectively.
  • Save time by using marketing tools efficiently.
  • Use website SEO analysis to continuously improve online marketing efforts.

I am up to date with web tools, trends, technologies, networks and algorithms. I share the knowledge with you, to improve your online business presence.

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Latest online marketing tips

How technology helps business growth

The California Gold Rush of 1849 was one of the most significant events that shaped American history in the 19th century and it caused an estimated 300,000 people to migrate to the San Francisco area in search of gold. Most of the workers were American, but many...

Business startup website ideas

I have outlined some startup website ideas in this post, to help your business in the new venture. Most businesses are aware they should have a web presence, but as a business owner it's difficult know what to include. A lot of businesses start with a small, static...

Small business blog tips

To survive on the internet a small business owner must provide content to their audience, often through a small business blog. The more quality content, using researched key terms, the better a blog will do on search engines. We are starting to see lots of dedication...

Targeted online marketing

Targeted online marketing prevents a business wasting resources. You can gain traction when you know your fans. Analysis of online advertising efforts helps you to produce more content that is more appealing to your audience. Not everyone needs (or wants) your product...

How to write for search engines and humans

The main aim of Google is to provide its users with the most relevant, valuable result. So in that respect it is easy to write for search engines and humans alike. Google looks for quality writing, where the author has really made an effort to supply a user with...

Choosing a domain name for a business

Choosing a domain name for a business is an important decision. Should you choose a descriptive domain, long or short, use hyphens and which domain extension? Ideally the domain will be used for as long as a company is operational. How do you choose the right domain...

How Google AdWords works

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords refers to the paid adverts on Google. AdWords have a different format to Google's organic listings. AdWords is an advertising service that displays ads on Google's Search Network and Display Network. On a Google search page the...

Brainstorming blog post ideas

I return to pen and paper when brainstorming blog post ideas. A mind map helps produce blog post ideas for the year. Start with obvious topics related to your business and its customers. Around those ideas use associated words. Your broad topics become narrow, finding...

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