Online marketing tips for small business

Online marketing refers to the way a business promotes itself on the internet, using a website, blog and social media, as well as other online activity like back links and reviews.

I am a freelance website designer. I conclude that a business website should be created and supported, to be found.

On my blog I provide online marketing tips for small businesses so that they:

  • Better understand business websites and search engines.
  • Can increase website traffic and, in turn, drive more business.
  • Use online marketing more effectively.
  • Save time by using marketing tools efficiently.
  • Use web analytics to continuously improve online marketing efforts.

I keep up to date with the latest web tools, trends, technologies, networks and algorithms. I then share the knowledge with you, so can improve your business online.

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Latest online marketing tips

What is Google AdWords and how does it work?

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords refers to the paid adverts on Google. AdWords have a different format to organic listings. AdWords is an advertising service that displays ads on Google's Search Network and Display Network. On a Google search page the ads are...

Brainstorming blog post ideas

I return to pen and paper when brainstorming blog post ideas. A mind map helps produce blog post ideas for the year. Start with obvious topics related to your business and its customers. Around those ideas use associated words. Your broad topics become narrow, finding...

The definition of a target audience

A target audience is a group that a marketing message appeals to. Businesses often have more than one target audience. A company selling garden trampolines would have a target market of both adults and children. Adults are the final purchasers, but the child often...

How to get a website listed on Google search results

When a new website is launched the business owner quickly expects it to be listed on Google search result pages. It is worth noting that a new website will not be instantly listed, although Google would eventually find it. When a site is newly launched it will be...

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